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  1. In the 0 A.D. code there are some unit parameters that control the time that passes between two consecutive attacks of a unit. There is a technology that reduces this value by 20%. That means there is 20% less time between attacks, which means 25% higher attack speed (1/0.8=1.25). How should we cover this and similar scenarios in user-visible tooltips? −20% attack repeat time −20% attack time −20% time between attacks +25% attack speed [something else] For background, see the change proposal that triggered this topic. CC: @elexis @Freagarach @Ne
  2. Replying to myself based on responses on IRC by @Itms and @elexis: JavaScript tests are indeed executed by the test executable. They are listed as a single test, “TestComponentScripts test_scripts”. You can verify so by adding an error to them, such as “TS_ASSERT(false);” or a syntax error.
  3. I would like to run the current JavaScript automated tests, as a first step to write my own, however I do not think I am running them. The reason why I think I am not running them is because ./binaries/system/test --help-tests does not list UnitAI, which is the specific JavaScript test file I wanted to extend with new test cases. So, is the ./binaries/system/test command running the JavaScript automated tests as well? If so, how can I verify so? Otherwise, how can I run the JavaScript automated tests?
  4. I do find "housing limit" / "population limit" (or "housing capacity" / "population capacity") a good candidate pair. The shared roots with "house" are a bit of a shame, but the first sense described on the Wiktionary is definitely the closest I've seen to our A concept.
  5. I believe "maximum" here can be read as "upper limit", so to me what is the same is "maximum population" (population upper limit) and "population limit", since in that context the direction of the limit is obvious. "Maximum population limit" is the upper limit of the limit, so I think @Nescio's proposal makes sense. That said, I am hoping for proposals that use much more different terminology, because although the difference between "maximum population limit" and "population limit" may seem obvious when both expessions are considered side by side, it may not be so when they are seen apart
  6. The Big Question A. How would you call the population limit of a specific player that can be extended during a game? B. How would you call the population limit of any player that cannot be extended during a game? Rules: The answer for A and B must be different. Feel free to provide multiple answers. Generally, the fewer and shorter the words, the better. Extra points if your choice for A cannot be misunderstood for B, your choice for B cannot misunderstood for A, and none of your choices can be misunderstood for a different concept (e.g. the sum of the A
  7. Mod translation is supported (the game itself is a mod). Someone (preferrably the author of the mod) should generate translation templates for the mod, provide those to translators, and make sure the translated versions are installed on the right folder. All details should be covered at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Internationalization_and_Localization (if they are not, we should update that documentation).
  8. Solved. I was building inside a chroot, so I had to do the following before updating the workspace: export SHELL=/bin/bashFor more information, see: http://ur1.ca/obpvf http://ur1.ca/obpvi
  9. Input: cd build/workspacesunset CPPFLAGS # for le spidermonkey./update-workspaces.sh \ --disable-atlas \ --with-system-miniupnpc \ --with-system-nvtt \ --bindir=/usr/bin \ --libdir=/usr/lib/0ad \ --datadir=/usr/share/${pkgname}/dataOutput: Updating bundled third-party dependencies...Building SpiderMonkey...SpiderMonkey build options: --enable-shared-js --enable-gcgenerational --disable-tests --without-intl-api --host=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu --enable-shared-js --enable-gcgenerational --disable-tests --without-intl-api --host=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnupatching file js/src/jit/Baselin
  10. Amazing work! And I really appreciate the fact that we will have the source Blender files of all models, that's a big plus!
  11. A menu would be definitely better than a chat message. The AI could however answer "Go fsck yourself" and such by chat
  12. There is nothing about this mod that is not just awesome. Congratulations.
  13. We could also add it as a translator comment to the messages, so that it shows up in Transifex. Would somehting like that work for you?
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