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  1. It's must be 'easter egg' of American McGee's Alice.
  2. Not enough. They are maded by 'franchises'. I expect something separaterd from 'third-party' universes (maybe Wesnoth in 3D RTS). Age of Mythology was too boring, because of too much simple antic structures, disguisted design, etc. RoN:RoL - that is good example of not ordinary fantasy without stupid 'meduses', 'vikings' or another popular cliche. And I'm not brony to accept Pony... The second reason to make fantasy style is no needs to be historical accurate. Especially in the naming. 0 A.D. as I understand it is 'fiction' 0 Anno Domini? What kind of 'Domini'? The third reason to make f
  3. I hear, they are planning to make 'Empires Besieged'. Well, I hope they would decide to make something at fantasy setting, because that 'alternate history' style is pretty sad, lean, and boring.
  4. If all developers thought the same we would still be at the Non-GUI Systems stage. And the games which have built-in encyclopedia will newer be released. So, maybe 0 A.D. should to be downgraded to 2D version? It could save many traffic...
  5. I hope the developers add farming opportunity to AI player. I still haven't seen any RTS where AI be able to raise cattle.
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