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5 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Move-Attacks are a thing I've wanted for a long time, especially when chasing.

Now we need the function. However im not sure if the animation will work like that because the attack time is around frame 20 or 22 in a 40 lenght animation.

If the function is added, there should be a new tag for choose when it should be played animation to sync the impact moment.

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After a very long variant's cleaning for all horse related actors ended with this result:

  • Horse props such as hair or blankets now properly supports multiple variants with different movement animations and/or idles.
  • Horse props such as trader or fauna no longer are required, neither their variants so a lot of duplicated files will be deleted.

Breaking changes:

Horses variants in order to work just like capes work now for infantry they require to have the id tag exactly as the prop tag ie:

Where it used to be <variant name="Idle"/> now it needs to be replaced with something like this: <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_fauna.xml" name="Horse-Fauna" frequency="1"/>

Here a list of the variants:




  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_javelin_fast.xml"  name="Javelinist-Fast-Horse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_archer_fast.xml" name="Archer-Fast-Horse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_javelin.xml"  name="Javelinist-Horse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_chariot.xml"  name="Chariot-Horse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_archer.xml" name="Archer-Horse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_fauna.xml" name="Horse-Fauna" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_trot.xml" name="Horse-Trot" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_pace.xml" name="Horse-Pace" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="quadraped/base_horse_walk.xml" name="Horse-Walk" frequency="1"/>



As you can see, theres no longer required a "horse_swordsman" since it doesn't make any difference spearman from swordsman, so it is now related only to the walking animation 

Currently movement animations (Blend file have some more):

  • Horse_Walk. (Used in trader horse)
  • Horse_Walk_Relax. (Used in fauna horse)
  • Horse_Trot. (Used in Cavalry horse)
  • Horse_Pace. (Used in Champion's horse)
  • Horse_Gallop. (Used by most of horses for running)

Variants were usually placed in biped/ folder being them a children of another variant placed in biped/rider/cavalry. In order to reduce amount of files in biped/ folder and also reducing redundant names All riders variants will be moved to biped/rider/cavalry folder for have a cleaner biped/ folder.

List of variants so far for melee cavalry:

  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_2h_fast_ready.xml" name="Spearman-2h-Fast-Ready" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_2h_fast_relax.xml" name="Spearman-2h-Fast-Relax" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_2h_ready.xml" name="Spearman-2h-Ready" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_2h_relax.xml" name="Spearman-2h-Relax" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_fast_01.xml" name="Spearman-Fast-01" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_fast_02.xml" name="Spearman-Fast-02" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_fast_shield_01.xml" name="Spearman-Fast-Shield-01" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_fast_shield_02.xml" name="Spearman-Fast-Shield-02" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_fast_shield_aspis.xml" name="Spearman-Fast-Shield-Aspis" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_ready.xml" name="Spearman-Ready" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_ready_shield.xml" name="Spearman-Ready-Shield" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_01.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-01" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_02.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-02" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_reverse_01.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Reverse-01" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_reverse_02.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Reverse-02" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_reverse.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Reverse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_shield_01.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Shield-01" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_shield_02.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Shield-02" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_shield_reverse.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Shield-Reverse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_shield_aspis.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Shield-Aspis" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_spearman_relax_shield_aspis_reverse.xml" name="Spearman-Relax-Shield-Aspis-Reverse" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_fast_ready.xml" name="Swordsman-Fast-Ready" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_fast_ready_shield.xml" name="Swordsman-Fast-Ready-Shield" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_fast_relax.xml" name="Swordsman-Fast-Relax" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_fast_relax_shield.xml" name="Swordsman-Fast-Relax-Shield" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_ready.xml" name="Swordsman-Ready" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_ready_shield.xml" name="Swordsman-Ready-Shield" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_relax.xml" name="Swordsman-Relax" frequency="1"/>
  •     <variant file="biped/rider/cavalry/base_swordsman_relax_shield.xml" name="Swordsman-Relax-Shield" frequency="1"/>

The main objective i had in mind was to standarize rider capes just like done with the infantry for have less annoying cape folder, but one thing led to another and i've ended fixing the initial bug we had whitout knowledge for the horse props.

So for be less specific:


  1. Horses now are able to handle more movement animations whitout duplicating props wich wasn't possible before.
  2. Less variants files for horses and riders.
  3. Less actors for horse props, less actors needed for capes.
  4. Added xml header for some variant's wich didn't had them before.


  1. Better visual looking attacking melee animations.
  2. Better visual looking attacking ranged javelin animatios.
  3. New walking animations for horses.
  4. Stored in blender; Charge attacking spear and sword animations, Attack ranged with bow while moving.


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7 hours ago, Stan` said:

Did you try @Enrique's technique ?

Nope, that would have took me moooore time to only set up the collision.


1 hour ago, GunChleoc said:

Drive-by comment by anal-retentive proofreader: quadraped -> quadruped.

Animations look great to this layperson :)

Probably a task for another time, at this point modders and our recent changes have to make too much changes either by naming duplication and redundancy or for fixing hide bugs.

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10 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

You can make this.

Resultado de imagen para faster archery gif

Kushite archery fire almost irreal in normal speed. This must be the most faster speed.

Looks good but too relaxed. Attack speed should be the same on every infantry based on their kind. A longbow man will of course be slower but that means "Slower" in terms of human speed, no Faster in such way that becomes inhuman.

Tweaking cavalry to find a good attack speed found that for cavalry best is repeat time 1150 for both spearman and swordsman, No need to be different. Only the attack should be different.

Is like, ITS COMING, HOLD ON IN THERE, THE ATTACK IS COMING........ 2 Hours later.... "Stab" 30 damage compared to the 10 damage per second done by the cavalry swordsman.

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Only tweaking gallop in order to get a smooth movement whitout many jumps.

Horse is done.

Cavalry done.

Smoothening Galloping on riders for make the animation more able to handle movement combat such as firing while galloping/pacing or thrusting.

Galloping animation went from Ready only to Relax/Ready state, so if we ever implement Running by double clicking again Running relaxed is for the command while running Ready is for chasing.

Aspis cavalry is more supported having more animations.

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