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Improving the Loading Screen

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So, this has been discussed in the past, but no conclusions were ever made and thus no decisions made on the design level. I think the loading screen could use some improvement, because right now it is rather static. Here is an old concept for some loading screen improvements (but is not a coherent design by any means) that I once found on the forums:




Another idea I had was to have the current design with the "tips" but either have the tips rotate automatically every 10 seconds as the map loads or there can be left and right arrows that lets the player cycle/scroll through them at their leisure as they wait for the match to load. 


But most assuredly, I think the general aesthetics of the loading screen could definitely be improved.


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Loading screen is meant to entertain you so I wouldn't add a "Play" button. Maybe make it an option to see the page inside the game menu after load (only the tooltips :) ).

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