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color of metal


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Currently weapons don't use specular maps (Most of them at least)

They use the color to define the specularity. This has the main advantage not to require more video memory because it only uses one texture. 

What could be done is what Alexandermb has done with spears is separating blades from the shaft so unlike weapons without that separation only the blade is shiny.

We could also use the edge split modifier for sharper edges on some weapons.

For Kushites I made a golden/bronze variant for weapons. That could be used. However we have to keep things historically backupped.

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Maybe I misunderstood or I didn't clearly write my question (I'm somewhat confused by all the answers). I didn't mean to ask about modding, but was suggesting that the color of metal be changed for the default distribution of 0 A.D., and wondering if anyone had opinions on if a different color for metal would be more visually interesting or not (as the default color).

(P.S. I edited my first post to change "bronze" to "gold" since bronze can't actually be mined xD)

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Most gold that is mined is not in it's full metallic state the most common is flaky inclusions in quartz just do a quick google image search for gold ores the only metal that looks like it's self as an ore is native copper one of the metals in bronze gold that is placer mined(panning in rivers/steams) will be gold dust and small nuggets and we do not have panning as a mining technology ;)

Enjoy the Choice :) 

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