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Pre-Colonial Mod General Ideas and Gameplay

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Americas Ancient Empires Mod DD v 2.0(Or some better name xD) Gameplay: It is very similar to 0 A.D., with some changes listed here: A new resource water.                              

I like your mod idea very much. Since you consider an Amazon map and a big number of factions, I would suggest to consider representing some of the Amazonian peoples (that would be not only nic

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Wath is the relation between civ.json and BatchTechModifier?

I say this because when I create the file civs.DELETED  and enter to the game, and i select a militar unit, i get this:

It happens with all the civs I have added

Fail to validate entity template {civ}_sentry_tower
Fail to validate entity template {civ}_defence_tower
Fail to validate entity template {civ}_wall_tower

Expected BatchTechModifier get notting

Is rare because those templates are the same as 0 A.D contraparts, I don't change anything about the towers  base templates.

hopi_wall_tower.xml inca_wall_tower.xml mex_wall_tower.xml zapo_wall_tower.xml mainlog.html

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