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Julián García Application Application


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Position: The position or role you are applying for. See the list above for the current available staff roles in Wildfire Games.   


Illustrators/Graphic Designer & Scenario Designer & conceptual art and development


Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?Yes




Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license?Yes




Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.)Yes




Name:Your full name (A nickname is ok, but we prefer to work on a first-name basis at least).


Julián García Sánchez



Email: youremail (at) provider (dot) com



www.severinstudio.com (please have a look)



Location:eg: Stockholm, Sweden/West Cost US/Eastern Europe/Goa, India/etc(helps us to calculate GMT for real-time meetings, can be as general as you like, though it should be enough to get an idea of what time during the day you are available). Where you currently reside.


Alicante (Spain)



Availability:How many hours per week on average do you think you'll have for Wildfire Games? What about 6 months from now?

A minimum of 1 or 2 and a máximum of 6. Depending on many factors. I run a Company and Have three kinds, one 5 months old. I shouldn’t be applying but I won’t miss the opportunity to help with my drawings ideas and thinkings to such an incredible project like OAD. I will be productive somehow.



Age:(Optional) How old are you? Not because it matters, but rather we ask this to anticipate your availability and other factors based on where you are in life.




Occupation:[(Optional) What keeps you busy in your day to day life? Student, work? etc.

Run a company of four FileMaker, PHP, Html Mysql and Javascript developers. Sales, Marketing, FileMaker development (I’m a FileMaker Certified Developer), Project manager, CEO, etc.. any task in my company than keeps me and my team moving forward. I founded Severin Studio from scratch five years ago. See my profile at Linkedin please and contact me. I really like to join the community. I do also teach FileMaker to young developers every year.


Skills and Experience:What qualifies you for this position? What experience have you had in the past?

I did my degree (licenciatura) of painting at the Barcelona University of Arts, I’ve been an Art teacher for five years. I’ve worked as a designer and tried to found a 3d company just when the 2008 crisis started. (no words). I even managed Lightwave I did some work but that was eight years ago.



Motivation:Tell us what motivates you to pursue these skills and experiences.

To say that this is the game i’ve been dreaming of for years since the old AOE would bee too short. I’ve highly 2D, 3D and artist capabilities but had no luck finding the right job to make a living of it. So may I have a nice time doing what I like most.


Personality:Creatively describe the way you see yourself in one sentence.

Creative all the time, wit a especial sensitivity for art, colors and 3d Shapes. With a high initiative and leadership capabilities. I’m also a humanist, capable of learning a programing language only for the purpose of something nice you can see or use. I hate maths and boring abstract tasks, I’m not made for numbers unless I have to.


Short Essay: How and when did you find out about Wildfire Games? What motivates you to be a part of the project? What do you seek to gain in being a part of Wildfire Games?

Talking with one of my young developers about how much I liked AOE, he told me about OAD about one month ago. I couldn’t believe what you have been doing there. 



Interests and Hobbies:Tell us briefly about some of the other things you enjoy doing your free time. We ask this to get to know your background a bit better

Strategic games, Modeling, Lego building and 3D drawings of villages just for fun.



Staff:(Optional) Do you know, or know of anyone on the team?

No, but I wish I could meet and discuss with all of you.



Community:(Optional) What communities, websites, or forums do you frequent that relate to your interests and the gaming world?

No time for forums or social live at the moment. Sometimes I have a look at You Tube, Steam, Mac Game Store, etc.. to see whats new in strategy games, but hasn’t been nothing like OAD in years.



Favorite Game:What's your favorite game at the moment? What about your overall favorite?


I had AOE I, II and III

R.U.S.E All versions

Ultimate General Gettisburg

Napoleon Total War

Commander: Europe At War

Commander: Napoleon At War

Imperial Glory

Unity of command



ACW 1864

ACW 1863



I’ve played only mac games.



Work Examples:If applicable to the position you're applying to, please include a few examples of your past experience.

The 3D art is from eight years ago, May I could try to recicle and update my Lightwave Studio license to see if in the future I could do some stuff.

Te 2D art is a bit older, so  far I haven’t painted or draw much since 15 o 20 years ago. But still could do some conceptual work if needed. Paintings are just a few of the many I've painted. I hope you like them and may I can help you somehow.



interior 1.jpg




FAROLA 2.jpg

DUPLEX  200000.jpg


DUPLEX  100000.jpg


previo aseo 1.tif




campo copia.jpg

ciudad griega.jpg

cocina copia.jpg

gran puerta copia.jpg

granja 1 copia.jpg

granja 2 copia.jpg

granja 3 copia.jpg

granja 4 copia.jpg

granja 5 copia.jpg

granja 6 copia.jpg

granja 7 copia.jpg

granja 8 copia.jpg

grecia 1 copia.jpg

grecia 2 copia.jpg

griego 1 copia.jpg

griego 2 copia.jpg

griego 3 copia.jpg

manga 6.jpg


plaza central copia.jpg

puerto copia.jpg

taberna copia.jpg

torre 2 copia.jpg

torre copia.jpg





ciudad en el mar copia.tif


evasion copia.tif

explosion atomica copia.tif




















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Hey Julián! welcome to the community!! :)

Nice to see another spanish member hehe.

Quite impresive résumé!! Lots of good stuff there.

From your portfolio I'll suggest you starting with sketching the macedonian siege workshop. We're currently using a placeholder structure and we need a good concept for the siege workshop building. After you get a good concept you can move to the modelling as you see fit. The textures are already done (each civilization uses a shared set of textures (normally one or two 1024* maps) so you just have to worry about making a good concept and the model.

Feel free to take inspiration from AOE series (as you can see 0AD has several traits of AOE since it started as a mod once upon a time) and also feel free to post any work in progress to get feedback from the team and the community. There are many members who are more versed historically than me for accuracy :P

If you haven't already, please check the Atlas Editor (map editor of the game) where you can find all the art assets ingame if you want to check closely the macedonian building set to get also the current art direction of the civilization. You can also check the type of units that would be created in that building, so you can make the concept accordingly (siege lithobolos, siege oxybeles, siege ram)

Feel free to ask any questions you may have along the way as well as to request help with research or references here in the forums.

Regarding the models/3D stuff I can help you out with how the 0AD engine works and suggestions. About 3D packages I can only help with Blender3D as is my expertise area.

Have fun here! looking forward to your contributions!

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Hi, thanks a lot.

May I ask where I can find or download the other conceptual works for Macedonians or other workshops to align my drawings to the OAD concepts?.

I had a look around the site but couldn't find it.

Besides OAD Alpha 21 Ulises crashes when I try to open the map editor.

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Besides OAD Alpha 21 Ulises crashes when I try to open the map editor.

Under which OS and any crash report it should also log any errors prior to the crash you can find the logs on your install by checking http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths we really should help you resolve this as the lack of the editor will be frustrating to your progress might be a good idea to start a separate thread though.For the those other images I do not recall that any where posted apart from the thread that Stan pointed to so feel free to do your own google image search ;)

Enjoy the Choice :)

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The siege workshop is an exclusive building for Macedonians.

"official" concept art is really, really old and several of the concepts ended up being replaced by other contributors' structures that fit better. I attached the concept art of the siege workshop, but I don't really like it.

It's a big incovenience that you aren't able to open Atlas. (can be found in 0AD/binearies/sytem/ ) since I think it is the best way to check the civilization art direction and features.


If you prefer jumping to modelling directly without having to think on a concept for the macedonian siege workshop I can suggest you another task:  remodelling the roman market.

I think the current model is good and has nice details, but the structure is too big, which makes it hard to find space for it in several maps. Ideally it would be great to have something similar to it, but smaller. You can import the current model into the 3D software that you use and modify the asset there.

I'll leave you here screens of the different markets comparison of the civs in the game so you can see it is too big, a detail shot of the current structure and the original concept art that was based on (see spoiler below).

So it's your choice if you prefer working on the concept/model of the workshop or try your hand at modifying the roman market to be smaller. I can point you to the files of the roman market for you to import into your software if it is your choice.


Siege Workshop.jpg



market sizes.png

roman market detail.jpg




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Thanks Enrique but It's being eight years since I last did 3D modeling and I need to update my software and myself a bit. Therefore I do prefer to start with conceptual art and tasks and approach smoothly to the 3D development for which I will need a bit of help. Conceptual art will also give me the opportunity to dive deeply into de knowledge and understanding of the whole OAD project, workflow and team. 

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