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  1. Try adding this in the simulation template <Promotion disable=""/>
  2. You don't actually need to archive your mod folder but it's handier for distributing it
  3. Hmm, It should never crash with a simple template modification... Try remove that second '_' in the template name and see if it still crashes. So instead of rome__hinfanty_swordsman_b.xml call it rome_hinfanty_swordsman_b.xml
  4. They will be fixed when the newest release comes out
  5. Please don't send me PMs if you also post it on the forum
  6. Of course, it isn't compatible. The latest version can be found here:
  7. Anyway, that's of later concern
  8. @balduin: I think it would be somewhat overkill to have a subforum for each civilization (for that handfull of topics that a civ would have). Some clear labeling fo the topics would be good though. We haven't thought about a fourth civ yet (I suppose it's somewhat unnecessary to know it at this point, considering that all three civs are not entirely finished), maybe some South East Asia would be fun? (as long it's a cool civ from a different area than what we have now...)
  9. Rise of the East = Terra Magna, compatibility with Vanilla means it's compatible with Terra Magna too. I need to rename a few things here and there but I want to do that simultaneously with announcing the merge and altering the moddb page So, if you ( @balduin @Sundiata) like to, you can open a few topics in the Rise of the East forum (I can move this one too)
  10. Current AMD CPUs are pretty old and slow compared to Intel. An Intel i3 is busting an A4 completely. Yet I'm really curious to what Ryzen is going to do. I really hope that AMD makes a comeback
  11. Two to three years is a little long for a first playable version. I think it is doable to have on around alpha 23 or at least with alpha 24 (though, of course, it depends a bit on what your understanding of a 'first playable version' is) I agree with the rest of your comment though
  12. Then write something in the topic title so that it's clear that it is a mere suggestion to add the civ (rather than an already accepted civ) (maybe organize the content on the fly too?) I agree with Lion that this isn't the best suitable place to post these reference
  13. Should be fixed by now. thanks for notifying @Tomcelmare !(and thanks for pinpointing the commit to @Palaxin @leper )
  14. if this civ gets into a ''somewhat ready' then I (me personally) am not opposed against it. But I think that the authors from this civ are the ones to make the decision. btw, @balduin @Sundiata: kudo's for the extremely extensive specification pdf