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  1. niektb

    Terra Magna Mod

    @Lion.Kanzen: we didn't LordGood and I created the soundtrack for the Zapotecs (which can be added too to the changelog )
  2. niektb

    Terra Magna Mod

    The zapotec main menu background was painted by LordGood. Also I think you can omit trivial commits like updating the mod labels (or mention them as 'various fixes and small updates' or something like that
  3. niektb

    Faction: Anglo-Saxons

    We have them in part 1 in the the most recent faction list? (I remember we put them there because they feel too early for part 2 and because of their battles with the Anglo-Saxons)
  4. Stunning release! Congrats everyone! @Pyrophorus: Packages for linux distros always take a little bit longer to land in the repositories
  5. niektb

    0 A.D. Rise of the East Mod

    Is it an idea to do a short announcement on ModDB that Rise of the East is turned into Terra Magna (with a few fancy screenshots showcasing the zapotecs) whilst renaming the page / subforum etc? (seeing that the release announcement points to the Github website rather than ModDB )
  6. niektb

    Faction: Byzantines

    It's about context, eh?
  7. niektb

    Faction: Byzantines

    I think your roofs are maybe a little too bright though, but definitely better than the salmon roof
  8. niektb

    Millennium A.D. - Alpha 23 Release Discussion

    I think @leper and @s0600204 deserve some credit too for the maintenance updates and fixes they did since last release
  9. Seems like I was a little careless when copying the tech files over I never intended to add the glory resource (weird though that this pops up a whopping 9 months after commit)
  10. @gameboy: do you play other mods together with Terra Magna (at the same time)?
  11. niektb

    ==[TASK]== Tree poly reduction

    IIRC some engines replace 3D object (like trees) with a (pre-generated) 2D flat picture when viewing from further away, that would incredibly reduce the amount of tris on the screen, wouldn't it? (even though it might look a bit ugly when switching between 3D and 2D)
  12. I think he has a 4K resolution screen... Why else would he need binoculars?
  13. niektb

    Faction: Byzantines

    Cool to see the mod catching up again! Very nice work! As a sidenote: I think the building texture is bit too dark
  14. niektb

    [Proposal] The Avars

    funny fact: they're already included in the faction list
  15. niektb

    Faction: The Franks

    Dunno about the most recent alterations to the texture, the current color pallet feels weird / unnatural / gloomy / dark (just a few words that come to my mind) (btw, I wasn't a big fan of the initial state either)