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  1. @DarcReaver: please mind your tone a little bit, will you? @Lion.Kanzen: if the only change would be to remove the CS concept than it would indeed be even more a AoK clone. However, combined with the other changes mentioned in this thread I think it plays quite differently
  2. Oh, I thought that the problem was that black (#000000) did not give enough depth...
  3. What did solve it?
  4. Hmm, I think Olmecs are a bit on the early side in our timeframe. Also, how different are they from the Zapotecs? I think most people want to see factions from other cultures first that are completely different (you know, scythians or something)
  5. Maybe you need to flip the normals of your faces?
  6. I suppose that this topic should be in the RotE subforum? Or even better, merged with the other mesoamerican topics? Seeing that the Zapotec faction is nearly finished it think it's better to just look at what's missing in the faction and then do some research on that specific item
  7. He hasn't actually started anything
  8. The Terra Magna error is fixed
  9. Someone else also reported this error but I haven't found the time to look into it hopefully tomorrow...
  10. Lol, I need to read better
  11. @wowgetoffyourcellphone: you can't just set the initial field limit at 0 and increasing with every farmstead built?
  12. Oh, has been a while since I found the motivation to play it
  13. Also read the first post in this topic to read more info on the why:
  14. @Imarok: no, because you need to be in Phase III before you can build a second one (and it's expensive too)