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  1. Couldn't you just prank him and tell him that rote seized to exist?
  2. of course not, you're looking at an ancient announcement topic
  3. probably not in-game (haven't checked though), but when looking at the texture itself...
  4. @stanislas69: the AO don't really make efficient use of the texture (a lot of space inbetween) and I think the amount of samples used is maybe too low (there's quite a bit of noise)
  5. Doesn't that cause glitches with the terrain? (and the ship itself is rather wide, compared with the Snekkja)
  6. I was wondering what we could use it for... But if it would be added the roman structure texture shouldn't be copied and maybe the bushes should be different so that it doesn't look walk-able
  7. The release notes mention that GPU support is still experimental and being worked on. Good news though to see that's something being worked on!
  8. @stanislas69: yeah, that was my idea with the separate topics too
  9. The only noticeable difference would be is that a modern computer with a good CPU and a decent amount of RAM (I think most in Gimp is not GPU-accelerated) can do your processing (say image filters and working with high-res textures) a lot faster...
  10. Did you fix the smoothing issues (or parallax bug) in your meshes?
  11. Yeah
  12. Alright
  13. I think it's maybe a somewhat unlogical blend of different architectural styles. Do you by chance have some references that back you design?
  14. Can we have a window between those other two windows too? (just to fill up that gap )
  15. This for the roads because the pathfinder doesn't take into account movement speed ^ Fortress looks interesting!