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  1. Oh, has been a while since I found the motivation to play it
  2. Also read the first post in this topic to read more info on the why:
  3. @Imarok: no, because you need to be in Phase III before you can build a second one (and it's expensive too)
  4. @Imarok: it makes the early stages of the game more interesting and less about creating champions asap. Combined with the reduced amount of gatherers per resource entity it highly encourages the players to expand early. This in turn encourages scouting, raiding, positioning your defensive armies (since with the reduced LOS and speed your army requires some time to move around) and whatnot... @wraitii: yes, but as said I think you can't limit your scope on this particular topic. It requires an agreement on the bigger countryside concept first before you can step into implementation details
  5. Or while we're at it, maybe we should discuss countryside implementations as a whole? I don't think you can disconnect just the storehouses from it. Take for example Sibyllae Vox: in that mod storehouses (and farmsteads) cast a small territory which allows the player to build simple fortifications (like wooden towers and pallisades, stone defences are required to be built nearby a CC). Also disallowing farming nearby a CC has a huge impact on how the countryside implementation would take shape
  6. Are farmsteads also affected by your proposal? (Hunting or gathering bushes outside your territory)
  7. Delenda Eat places trees in groups (called tree grove or something) that could help too
  8. You say it's not complex but your explanation tells different. It adds to the complexity of the farming concept without improving it (except for 'looking more natural') And of course people care about those two minutes that they need to invest before they get their nominal rate (these citizens can't gather anything else during that period). Wriatti mentioned that the patch is a go, hence my post that questioned wether it is a wanted feature...
  9. Oh sure! I think the proposed mechanisms add too much complexity (and unnecessary too) for a game like 0 A.D. It might be funny for a realism / city building mod
  10. @wraitii: not sure whether D227 it's a go, I have seen several 'no' posts in the other topic (and I'm adding a 'no' here too)
  11. With the ultimate endpoint being a gather rate of zero
  12. I'm willing to try it out too (Dutch)
  13. As a recap: giving the the soldiers the ability to gather is not something that makes 0 A.D. special to play. Instead, the current implementation is broken and probably the concept too. So either the concept should be improved or completely removed (to lazy to look up Darc's detailed explanation post with some suggestions to fix it)
  14. Gee, guys... No need to heat up@DarcReaver @drsingh
  15. @Hannibal_Barca: Are they really planned for Alpha 23 or is it just some ancient ticket that happens to have it's milestone to Alpha 23?