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  1. @stanislas69: the wooden tower (which the Norse have) is renamed to sentry tower and every civ has it's custom sentry tower model @Alexandermb: it's a funny idea but the AI will hate it for sure :/
  2. I think you might be able to take some clues from this template:
  3. norse

    @Alexandermb: The drekkar looks good! Though might I suggest to brighten the player color on the sail a bit so that it's more recognizable during a game and more consistent with the other Norse ships? About the new longhouse: the model is quite good but none of the other Norse buildings have similar bends so I wonder if there is a way to make it visually more consistent with the other buildings... Any ideas? Also note that your upper roof has a different texture scale that the lower roof, and the texture on the small roof above the door is rotated 90 degrees
  4. That's pretty obvious I think: your icon should be in art\textures\ui\session\portraits\units not art\textures\ui\session\portraits
  5. I think I might know what the issue is. You haven't specified the Promotion tag (which templates it promotes to after collection enough XP) You can do two things: 1. Specify a template: <Promotion> <Entity>units/athen_infantry_spearman_a</Entity> </Promotion> 2. Disable promotion: <Promotion disable=""/>
  6. (preferably in a spoiler to keep the post a bit readable )
  7. norse

    I don't speak spanish either But based on the pictures: the gate and the walls look really big to me. I would like to see a comparison with a gate and walls from other civs. Also I suggest removing that slope again, in-game it would probably happen that the slopes would be on the outside of the wall, which is pretty lame About you're viking ship: could you do a size comparison with a quinquireme too? Other than the size it looks pretty decent! I would like to see a sail though. What do you think about oars @stanislas69? @shieldwolf23: do you still by change have that research document about the viking longboats? The link in the other topic gives a 404
  8. @balduin: as long as it's only being used as reference it can be any license. However, when it (or parts of it) actually will be used in the game it should be a CC-BY-SA or CC0 or something
  9. Do you maybe have a higher resolution preview too? (so I don't need to download the map in order to give it a better look )
  10. How about using those bixies (like the two near the Civ Center entrance) as cult statues? Maybe with a re-texture to make those bixies golden (or anything) instead of stone...
  11. What is it you don't understand about the warning?
  12. @wowgetoffyourcellphone: TM doesn't lose out, but by the time this issue was reported (a whopping 7 months ago) Terra Magna didn't exist. Hence I used 'Rise of the East'
  13. @Servo: Rise of the East follows the balance changes of the main game because the main game is tested a lot more. By following the main game we hope to give players the best playing experience
  14. Your second image has a small subtitle reading 'Aztec ... 1580 AD'
  15. I don't understand the question