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  1. Hi I'm still alive. Our company is expanding and I have not much time now, but I all ways have an eye to 0AD. If you need help may I can find some extra time, but can't promise it will be much. Happy new year by the way.
  2. Hi, I've created a giant map as a skirmish with two players, but my enemy is not improving his civ, they are just waiting like sheeps to be massacred and thats not fun. I would like to keep creating new maps, but until this issue is solved I've no illusion to put any more effort in to create a new one. Any ideas what's wrong? Olimpus.zip Olimpus.zip
  3. Juli51

    ===[TASK]=== African minifaction buildings

    Kushites civic center proposal based latests Lord
  4. An approach to a more realistic mediterranean farm fields...
  5. Juli51

    ===[TASK]=== African minifaction buildings

    Thanks Lion, Great, now there are clear instructions, a leader and a official task to be done.
  6. In english is Ok. my english is good enough, I was jus a bit confused and stressed, that's why I wrote to Lion in Spanish, I had no time for proper translations. By the way, I offer my drawing skills to any mod developer or O. A. D. developer or direction or game governance, or whoever wiling to do something in O. A. D. but mi time is limited and I can only focus in one task at once, so I need: a formal proposal (so I know who is in charge), clear instructions and as much documentation as possible for each task.
  7. Great, Thanks a lot for all your help I enjoy a lot to draw for O. A. D. no matter what, but I would like to ask for suggestions for the next step: 1 - Nubian (Noba) Civ, (indicate buildings). 2 - Nubian (Noba), (indicate buildings). 3 - Kushite Civ, (indicate buildings). 3 - Kushite Mini-faction, (indicate buildings). 4 - Pre German mini-faction, (indicate buildings). 5 - Other civ. or mini-faction, (please describe). In case of Nubian and Kushites together, please indicate common shared building concepts.
  8. Bueno Lion, Ahora mismo estoy un poco confundido, casi mejor te escribo en español. Tengo varios conceptos a medias para la civ Nubia pero tengo poca información, si embargo Sundiata ha aportado mucha información de otra civ. muy parecida aunque diferente. Tampoco he acabado de entender el significado de mini-facción. ¿Quiere decir una civ inferior a las ya representadas en el juego?, ¿con menos edificios?, ¿mas primitiva?, ¿con limitaciones específicas?, tampoco ahí ningún ejemplo en el Juego. todas estas dudas me impiden concentrarme. ¿por donde seguir?
  9. Juli51

    Detele actors helps

    I have a trackpad. I will try any way with some keys combinations...
  10. Juli51

    Detele actors helps

    I just modified the Aegean Sea map. Im learning how to manage maps. By the way, Is there a way to position the camera higher without having to create a mountain?. I feel like there is a lack of wider and greater perspectives for such a nice and beautifull Game. Here another perspective from Olimpus mountain
  11. Juli51

    Detele actors helps

    Hi, thanks, It works I'm just playing with the map editor to get used to it. Amazing tool
  12. Hi, I put some stone and metal mines as actors and I would like to clear them but the move/rotate tool doesn't select them. How can I delete them?
  13. Great job... Sundiata, I need an expert like you. I've started to conceptualize what it is supposed to be an African minifaction that I've identified with Nubians but after reading your post i ask myself if I should call them Kushites or finish Nubians and start Kushites as two separated civ.. May I advance something here...