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Hi, I've decided to share my replays with whoever wants to see them. They can be found here. While most of the games are from a21 (comes in 5 parts), there are also some a20 and a22 (svn) ga

A quick tip regarding Delenda Est. Random Maps do not have farmlands, so farming will be considerably nerfed on random maps. Better to play the mod on Skirmish maps; I was able to add farmlands to eve

When it was first proposed the subforum would have been quite empty and we didn't know whether it would fill much, but this topic is a proof it would work indeed! I propose we create one when A22 is o

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Two 4v4s showing the naked fanatic rush can kill 64 men and women in about 30 seconds. In the ambush 4v4, fatherbushido financed his gallic teammate, who thus was able to wreck my economy with 10 naked fanatics when I had 2. The other naked fanatic 4v4 match on harbor was other than enjoyable as well for our team.

The regicide game demonstrates how important it is to use this hero right from the beginning at the game and that hero healers on regicide are really bad luck for mauryan players.





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37 minutes ago, scythetwirler said:

For ease of use, why don't we standardize a format for games uploaded here? :)

Sounds good :) But let's make it recommended (rather than mandatory) as the main goal for now is to get as much replays as possible; if someone would prefer to post replay packs like @borg- and @bb did for a20 -- it's ok too, we can organize/annotate the replays later :)

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Map: Survival Of The Fittest

Players: Hannibal_Barca, nigel87, Uran238cz, imrobbyg, pissedru, Merov, wang_wei, elexis

Summary: Last Man Standing, Regicide, Explored Map, Very High Resources, 2x GameSpeed, Entertaining

Thanks @sanderd17 and @bb for improving this map - it is much more entertaining with siege engines every round and invincible treasure women (one can even attack the enemy women while it attempts to pickup the treasure).


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Map: Survival Of The Fittest

Players: Hannibal Barca, Uran238cz, elexis, thenu, siole, wang_wei, nigel87, _kali

Summary: Wonder Mode (20min), Very High Resources, Last Man Standing, Revealed Map, 2x Speed

This was the first game where we noticed that the number of enemies is actually increasing and not only depending on the wave-time. Only at the end it became more noticeable. While for a long time it seemed obvious who would win, the last wave had so many enemies that it could have been anyone of the survivors, given 30 more seconds time (also Hannibal who won the last 12 games in a row was offline for that amount of time, which might have cost him the win).

Here the number of enemies per waves and nr. of milliseconds to the next wave in that game:


WARNING: Spawn 3 enemies, next wave in 165646
WARNING: Spawn 6 enemies, next wave in 162828
WARNING: Spawn 8 enemies, next wave in 162139
WARNING: Spawn 5 enemies, next wave in 165198
WARNING: Spawn 5 enemies, next wave in 178111
WARNING: Spawn 8 enemies, next wave in 178232
WARNING: Spawn 10 enemies, next wave in 168678
WARNING: Spawn 15 enemies, next wave in 122231
WARNING: Spawn 14 enemies, next wave in 131509
WARNING: Spawn 12 enemies, next wave in 178767
WARNING: Spawn 16 enemies, next wave in 152489
WARNING: Spawn 20 enemies, next wave in 125980
WARNING: Spawn 16 enemies, next wave in 169565
WARNING: Spawn 21 enemies, next wave in 122405
WARNING: Spawn 18 enemies, next wave in 168061
WARNING: Spawn 24 enemies, next wave in 132046
WARNING: Spawn 20 enemies, next wave in 153636
WARNING: Spawn 21 enemies, next wave in 168728
WARNING: Spawn 22 enemies, next wave in 163747
WARNING: Spawn 30 enemies, next wave in 123334
WARNING: Spawn 27 enemies, next wave in 141230
WARNING: Spawn 24 enemies, next wave in 155242
WARNING: Spawn 30 enemies, next wave in 146418
WARNING: Spawn 36 enemies, next wave in 123022
WARNING: Spawn 34 enemies, next wave in 124070

Edit: Those numbers are somewhat wrong, still increasing linearily

To be honest this map is much more enjoyable if one isn't dependent on treasure picking luck anymore. Players should win because of the way they invest their resources, not luck. I might vote for removing the field/corral prohibition on that map and only spawn wood/stone/metal treasure and not removing the ability to self-trade, any opinion @bb?



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I am not principal against allowing farms/corrals but I think there is a better solution by distributing (random) amounts of resources from time to time to each player (in equivalent amounts to each player). We could ofc set that the amount of f.e. food would be higher (on average) then the other resources. There is some code for this in #3102. This would give each player a "solid" income and decide himself where to spent it on. By allowing fields/corrals I guess everyone will simply spam them (as being giving resource + being a "wall") and thus less profitable tactics in game.

I don't see why self trade is not allowed in current state, seems to work fine here, nor I would like it seeing disabled.

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Also using Mint just open a file browser window and "ctrl H" to show hidden files then the location is /home/username/.local/share/0ad/replays while the config and log files are at .config/0ad the use of the "." dot prefix denotes a hidden folder/file which is also how OSX denotes hidden files.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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I'm starting to like this thread. When I'm not in the mood playing, I'll just grab one of these watch some replays. Either for learning, or just plain 'popcorn entertainment'.

It might also be great if a youtuber picked a replay to commentate on it (thinking of Anavultus for example - he's on the verge of giving up on his 0 A.D. Series completely).

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Map: Survival Of The Fittest

Players: elexis3 (1156), Kudriy (1272), frode (1100), siole, Nelirid, Hannibal_Barca (1546), duilio.92 (1322), thenu (1323)

Summary: Tiny Map (2 treasures every 4min), Regicide, High Resources, Last Man Standing, Revealed Map, 2x Speed.

  • Too long pauses between the gaia waves, as we don't need 10min to build 3 houses. Perhaps the strength of the waves could also depend on the number of treasure placed, while still keeping a steady flow of enemies incoming (to keep the game interesting).


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Map: Unknown Nomad (small river, 1 metal mine)

Players: Hannibal Barca, Merov, Vercingetorix, nigel87, Grugnas, Dizaka, samba, elexis

Summary: Regicide, 8 Player Free For All with Locked Teams, 5 min. Ceasefire, Medium Resources

Host started using launchGame(); so my units were idle for 90s until I noticed that I was a player. Luckily I had a good spot with only one neighbor.

Gaia elephants were used to nearly destroy the civic center of my first neighbor. Repeatedly walking with the hero near gaia elephants that are in the attack range of the neighbours civic center, until one of the arrows missed the hero and hit the gaia elephant will turn the elephant against the civic center.


After only 2 players were left, it became a classic alpha 17/18 naval game where outnumbering and ship micromanagement was inevitable to survive. If a player can destroy all enemy docks, that enemy won't be able to reach the water anymore, even with superior economy. Ships need to be garrisoned with exactly 10 units to be most efficient, retreated separately and repaired when being in danger of sinking. Luring the enemy ships near one's own docks and buildings is an advantage as it draws fire. Repairing is quick, but the ships still unexpectedly move away from the repairers or sometimes being stuck at a dock or at each other. Often it is better to send a path for every ship individually instead of ordering all ships to move to one place to avoid collisions that take long to resolve.





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Map: Mainland

Players: maxticatrix  ,Merov , JorgeGijon , Henry_Arch_T60     VS    Vercingetorix_ , nigel87 , , siole.

Summary:  4vs3 .

Henry_acrch resign just after he was crushed by siole , and then we just start attacking vercingetorix in a non-stop fight .

Really a fun game.

P.D. Some may say that slinger are op , judge by yourself.





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Map: Nomad (Tiny)

Players: borg-, Hannibal_Barca, luzbel, PhyZic, nigel87, elexis, Reijor (mostly Gaia though)

Summary: Regicide, Free for all, Locked Teams, Gaia heroes, 17 minutes gametime

Resigning converts the regicide hero to Gaia, who will attack all encountered enemies even while ceasefire. Since Regicide implies Conquest mode, players are defeated when they don't have any workers left - a task easily accomplishable with a hero, yielding even more gaia heroes.



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