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===[COMMITTED]=== Iberian Wonder: Cancho Roano


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Idea pitched by Argantonius a while back to make the Iberian wonder the Tartessian sanctuary of Cancho Roano. Looking at the current temple I see that some inspiration had already been taken from it.

anyway, there's not a lot of opportunity for detail on those outer walls in particular but I did what I could.



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On what references did you base it?

I find the roof going inwards somewhat strange, no other Iberian buildings have it. The flat roofs without plank texture also look eastern to me. But if it's historically correct, it should be like that.

It looks super weird, but reference had all flat roofs, or at least, all of the reconstructions I found had flat roofs, some had the outer wall sloping inward. It makes sense, letting more light in and making the outer wall higher, but it still looks a little odd.

The temple has smooth roofs too.

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Isn't there a timeframe problem according to wikipedia ?

I don't think so, and if there is, its a hell of a lot closer to our time than the Dolmen of Menga

Lion's got the ref. image. I took a few cues from different sources I found online. The roofs I could probably change and get away with since there's not much left of the building itself.

(I'm not even sure about the windows, really)

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heavy roofs bow in over time :P

You can see it a lot in rural architecture, neglected barns, sheds, and houses. Support beams make little 'ribs' and all while the rest of the roof sags in.

That's fun architecture there

I know these are supposed to be all brand new buildings

but that's just not realistic, and it's boring

so there

well it's in, with AO and all, not that I'd be able to see it. Someone might want to check that


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Why would the curved roof would be inside? The architectuur didn't think when it rains the whole inner court would be flooded:D

And i think it also looks nicer and realisticer if it curved to the outside. Or make the roof look like the inner buildings roof "same style" that would be even better.

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