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Crowd-Sourced Civ: Seleucids

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Pick the one you want sele_hero_helmet_seleucus_nikator_v2.7z

What if... what if... at the start of the match, similar to Hyrule Conquest, you choose a hero to lead your civ. That hero gives you different choices at each phase up.

Reforms are the kind of pair tech that I would like to see in 0 a.d, not a thing like choose between 5% attack or 5% speed. Military colonies are better with HP and Attack? With the new models it s

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On 11/29/2016 at 11:46 PM, Phalanx said:

These are references I've found for Seleucus Nicator.  The first is a famous bust of him, the second is a steam workshop version of him for Civilization 5, and the final is a version of him from, I beleive, an Indian television show or perhaps a Ballywood movie.











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On 21/12/2017 at 12:40 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:


someone has considered using the template <GarrisonHolder> <VisibleGarrisongPoints> to allow it have units above? (if planned the garrison holder template needs to have some patch to make the unit obstruction translate from the root to the garrison point height)


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Garrisonable elephants would be hilariously awesome, though I would doubt the utility of having to manually add soldiers to your elephants in the middle of a match. I would like to see the archer [or whatever] be trained along with the elephant. Separate entities, but one unit if that makes sense. And you're right, similar to archers on ships or archers on top of gates, there would need to be some work regarding obstructions and footprints and pathfinding.



IMHO an awesome meta game addition would be to have a customizable unit feature where you can customize your units within historical reason prior to a match.

War Elephants? Want them to have armor or not? Full armor or just bits and pieces? Towers or not? In those towers, do you want pikemen or archers? Having a meta feature where you can determine this beforehand would be incredible. 


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