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  1. In general, they were Greek, yes. But it was apparently fairly diverse because the Guard was made of up high nobles and those close to the Pharaoh. At the time, a lot of those close to the Pharaoh were of Greek descent, but there were some native Egyptians as well.
  2. I know that the colors are oversatured ingame to easily distinguish teams, but I love the more realistic muted colors!
  3. These look amazing!! When will they be put onto the SVN version?
  4. On his left (our right) shoulder, those line could be softened by blurring.
  5. So the Ptolemaic barbarian sword mercenary is labeled as "Gallic". Is this technically correct? The word Gallic usually pertains to the Gauls, ergo to France, which would be quite a distance to get mercs. The most common opinion of historians is that the Ptolemaics purchased their barbarian swords from Galatia, which is not in France.
  6. I believe (I may be wrong) that the percentage of resources is the percentage of that resource traded. So, if food is at 43%, then 43% of your exports are food. I think. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Ohhh!!! Okay, I'll check it out.
  8. I guess, I mean that while, for example, pikes or hoplites wont stay in formation when they attack, but there was apparently a plan to make them have increased damage and/or health when in formation. Possibly we could have those temporarily have those implemeted as auras to see how that affects unit interactions.
  9. Does the game have the ability to use combat auras yet? Like, to increase stats? For instance, I know that the code for maintaining formation while attacking isn't done yet, but possibly could the damage/defense bonuses for whatever formations be implemented as an aura for the purpose of seeing how formation attack units interact on the battlefield in terms of stats?
  10. I just noticed the Noldorian vessel in Atlas.....
  11. I like this because it'll really help balance the Ptolemaics/give them a fighting chance.
  12. And once the unit model for the cataphract is complete, that can be used for the driver
  13. Do they have a higher capture rate? That might not be a bad idea, because more realistically, a sword is better for fighting in tight buildings than a spear.
  14. Huh! So they are!
  15. we could use this for one of the Antiochus' maybe....