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  1. ==[ENHANCEMENT]== Hellenic Unit Textures

    I like the nice new brown tunic. The old one just always bothered me for some reason, the stripe looked weird. But I love these new ones!! Great job!
  2. ==[ENHANCEMENT]== Hellenic Unit Textures

    If these are Seleucid, it always bothered me that the Seleucids had the Scarab on their thureos. I believe we removed the Ptolemaic Eagle from the "pool" of logos the Seleucids could get, and I'm pretty sure @Lion.Kanzen made a Seleucid logo for the thureos, but I can't remember if it has been committed or not...
  3. Horse animations + actors update

    @stanislas69 Alas, she is studying User Experience and doesn't have animation skills. (and to be honest is very oblivious to the world of computer games. She had no clue what Starcraft was. She had never heard of it) @Alexandermb I don't know if you can see it, but in your most recent gallop anim. The lower portion of the back legs flex really weirdly. I found different references for a gallop this time (thanks for the heads up, @Sundiata ) and I found what was weirding me and her out. In your anim, particularly the right back leg, the upper leg rotates forward till it is about at the point I captured in this still, and then the lower leg suddenly rotates downward, almost like a human leg, before contacting the ground. Apparently, for a gallop, it is more of an extending of the back leg (the butt kinda drops to allow the entire back leg it extend further) instead of a hard hinge. This video has a great portion at :54 that shows a nice gallop, and you can kinda see what I am saying. Forgive me if I'm sounding too nit-picky, I am really impressed by your work! However the new horses turn out, I'm just excited that they won't have the horrific walk anim they have now! FLOATING HORSES!!!
  4. Horse animations + actors update

    SO, I had someone who rides horses on my university's equestrian team review the anims. (She is also studying Computer Graphics with me) and she comments that the back legs of the horses in the run anim is really bizzare. In the anim, the lower leg bends way to high up. She suggests this video to see that. She says the butt goes farther down when the back legs are extended forward. Apparently it is really obvious and notable. Just throwing that out. I kinda noticed it as well, but what do I know about horses?
  5. poor ol' SVN

    Is it just me, or is the SVN totally knackered? I can't even get a game started. It loads up a map, freezes, then spits out a flurry of error messages (including something about not being able to find the roman stables xml) freezes again, then spits out another flurry of error messages.
  6. Back to Work Button

    I can try to reproduce it
  7. Back to Work Button

    Idk why, but they did. They were gathering stone, and the enemy attacked. I told them to attack the enemy, they defeated the enemy and went idle, I hit "back to work", and they walked to the nearest resources, which was the fields, and started farming.
  8. Back to Work Button

    Could I be possbile to make the "Back to Work" button send the units back to the spot they were previsouly working? I don't want all my units to start working the nearest farm, I want the women to do that! Stop stealing the women's jobs! But yeah, could that be a thing?
  9. Spartan Pikes

    I know in Atlas, there is a Spartan Pike unit, but will it be making an appearance in the actual game?
  10. Counters must come back

    I am aware of that fact. Pardon me, I am used to RTWII terminology, where when one says "Thureos spear" one means the spearman. In this case, I am referencing the Seleucid and Ptolemaic spearman who carries a thureos. The point I was trying to make was, one (in real life) would probably fight a successor spearman different than a celtic spearman. Example: The Thureos spearman has a little bit of armour, so one would use slings, but the celt has basically no armour, so bows could be very effective.
  11. Counters must come back

    I came up with this basic chart as one idea of visualizing the counters/balance. Units will be given classifications for balancing use, instead of stats. Now, as @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded said earlier: this could be accomplished by adding a hoplite classification (not on graph) or by just adjusting the stats. A balance tree doesn't have to be a sure thing that guarantees a 100% counter effectiveness, but as a general guideline for counters. A slinger for instance (random example) may not be as effective against a hoplite than a Sparabara, but the slinger may perform better against the hoplite than any other ranged unit might. This gives a basic counter idea, but it still leaves room for unique counters and pairing, for instance (random example again) the slinger might be good against a hoplite, but a slinger and a javelinman are REALLY effective. I cannot state enough that this would be a general, not concrete counter list. The classifications help make a counter tree less messy, and it also would make counters more diverse between factions, especially the "weight" classifications. Obviously in the real world, one would handle a Thureos spear different than a Celtic spear. We could portray this difference, by classifying the Thureos spear as "heavy" (or even "medium") and the Celtic spear as "light", so different counters can be used.
  12. Counters must come back

    If we are thinking about @Wijitmaker's plan, then standard bearers could be easy for formations. Just choose an officer-y looking mesh for each faction, and have it carry the faction's rally point banner. ----------------- Personally, I do agree that there needs to be some semblance of balance and counters, but with these formation reliant units like hoplites and pikes, it gets kinda difficult, especially if we are looking at it from solely an AoE standpoint. Perhaps we should be created a hybrid counter tree between AoE counters, and RTWII counters, so we can take into consideration formations as well.
  13. Logo Theft?

    Soo.... I found this game on the Playstore called Total Civilization War, and it's using the 0ad faction logos in its ads, and possibly its game. Is that legal?
  14. Hellenizing the Ptolemies

    Possibly, we could make the military buildings more hellenic, but keep the civilian structures Egyptian. That could be a nice divide, because the majority of the civilians were still Egyptian, but the military was Greek Styled, if not mostly Greek in manpower