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Unit portrait pipeline


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bleep bloop

Thanks Ludo!

nothing shiny to exploit here, and hey, a face! woot!

I added the darks later, to keep more of the true colors

I have a feeling that the true colors are not very saturated themselves, like the light brown fabric of the shirt, or the woven hat and shield


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:P again a hidden face !! :D Well, I understand you if you prefer hiding parts that you don't draw best, but that would be really an improvement if we could have at least one of these icons with a full and clear face. That would give some life, wouldn't it ?.. Out of that, that character is very well drawn. Just a bit too dark. Turn up the contrast and it should be fine. :)
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Thanks guys :D

Given the nature of this unit, I don't think I can help but keep the string in his face xP

A closer crop might be a bit difficult too, since we should see the bow and his side, at least that's what I think

Close crops are going to be a real pain for the cavalry units >.<

So I should dilute the white rim light and add a more sand colored one, but the colors I would be using are already dominant on the light side. The white almost seems like a welcome cool chroma

I dunno, I'll throw blue at rim and 'trim the fat' on the image I suppose. See what works

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Lol, the eye has come out too big and is rotated at an angle :P Maybe try looking at some real horse pictures to get an idea of where the eye's sposed to be?

Here are just a few quick corrections I made. The hand shows where the thumb's is supposed to be (try hold something like that in your hand and you'll see). And I made some changes to the mouth. Looks kinda weird with it open like that :P Also I tried to place the eye in the right place...but I'm far from it it would seem :P


Here's a good reference for the face(of the horse), just flip it and its good I think :)


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