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Unit portrait pipeline


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Excellent! thanks!

here's the construction sketch I'll be shading and coloring off of, let me know if there are any really obvious anatomical or compositional errors I'm missing

Dunno. I think his left arm doesn't seem to be at the right angle to hold the shield.Maybe if the shield was turned more toward the 'camera.'
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Alrighty chainy link armor it is

still need to fix the sheild though

My roomate reminded me that this was going to be 40x40 when I started going into detail on the chain links

so I will suggest the texture instead!


also, when I reveal both layers, I get lego armor! huzzah!


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I'd hate to tell you, but most of the shields should be held by the hand, not strapped to the forearm. The only shield where it should be strapped to the arms would be the pikeman shield, the hoplite shield, and archer shield. Everyone else's shield would be held by the hand with a center grip. Most shields with a center boss would be held with a center grip by the hand.

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