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Unit portrait pipeline


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alrighty, now that I got all these sketches, there should be plenty of time to catch any glaring errors in composition or anatomy while I'm working on them. Please tell me if you find something wrong, I'd like to catch mistakes early while they can be easily remedied



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The fishing boat looks awesome!

About the ship I think that your previous sketches were more easily recogniced as a ship, but that's hard to tell if you already know that it's a ship and when it's not yet finished (no blue water etc..).

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Instead of a chocolate bunny for easter, how about chocolate cavalry?


had way too much chocolate and coffee and now I cant draw a straight line xP

It's all zigzags! aah!

it's a little rough, I'll admit, but i love feedback. Tell me if it needs tweaking


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LordGood, your last sketches are really really cool! You are a precious sketcher!!

About your latest Cavalry icon :

-the arm feels too big to me. You don't need to re-draw it. By just selecting it and scaling it down a little bit will fix that well. What do you think ?

-The leg is located way too much in the fore part of the horse. It should be more near the "middle" of it, just like on this photo :


This point does count for other horse riders icons you have made. I remember I saw the same error. I think this detail will improve the feeling of "horse". When rider legs are near the neck, that means it's a poney ! :)

-finally, if you're in the mood for finishes, try to give a clearer design to the helm and more life to the face of the soldier (at least, putting some clear white to the eye will probably help)

And again, thank you very much for giving such energy to the hand-made art of the game. Happy Easter!

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It tis my duty to draw all day everyday!

gah, I knew they were too far forward too


That right there means a redraw xP

well I did fix his arm, it was kind of messy though

does anyone know how to edit multiple layers at the same time if it is possible? because that'd help these edits be less sloppy :S


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I had next to no experience with this tablet before I started this whole task, probably a little silly of me.

but then y'all drilled me in the digital artistry and now I feel better about it :D

I've made a bit of progress! And I have you guys to thank for it

so thanks guys! You're the best ^_^

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About multiple layers edit : are you working on Gimp ?

In Gimp, as far as i know you can't affect several layers at a time with most of the tools, except rescale. You can re-scale several layers at a time by simply linking them (by the "chain" icon).

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hand should be easy enough to fix on the cavalry,

and I need way more oars xP

have a priestess for the time being, Pedro has a little project for me, and it sounds like fun :P

she needs more value contrast though


Edited by LordGood
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