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  1. Hm. I assume life would not be able to lower entropy (locally) without an external source of exergy (probably to an overwhelming part by the sun).
  2. http://www.canaanite.org/dictionary/index.php?a=list&d=18&t=dict&w1=T suggests that the carthaginian temple would be called Ocrit the carthaginian wife would be ecta Does anyone know what Sǝḫīr or Seḫīr means and which form is correct?
  3. To add a small remark: Entropy always increases (globally). There is, as far as I know, no known way to prevent this.
  4. Would it be possible to place an invisible prop (correct term? Something like child actors) in front of the unit (where the spear is)?
  5. @iNcog I guess the point is that if you do slinger rush, you should weigh if the extra 5 slingers you can get out (and the bonus throughout the rest of the game) do more damage to the opponent than to your future development. If you've chosen "wrongly" in the beginning, you have to "suffer" later on, quite realistic in my opinion. While I kind of like the option of researching the "dismissed" techs in more advanced phases, I think they should be very expensive, so that you may be able to get some additional techs through this path, but not all. Imho tech pairing is one of the points that made this game stand out.
  6. holy moly there needs to be a way to save such maps are generated!
  7. I would support the not use of vertical lines, for the same reason there should be no vertical lines in tables in, e.g. a book - it disturbs the reader and is, afaik, typographically nonsense.
  8. Hi and welcome! Animators are really needed. I directly have a question, I work quite much with Inkscape and svg's, but I haven't found an useful way to convert an animated .svg to an animated .swf. Maybe you know a way to do that? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm already frightened by that tiger Looking very good!
  10. I'm not sure if this is non-commercial, as afaik the license used for 0AD allows to sell copies of the game. I'm no lawyer, though.
  11. Very very nice. I would really like it if there are a lot of different species, i think there are not much things that make maps more interesting and beautiful, especially if the crowd-behaviour is implemented!
  12. Wouldn't it be better to implement an octree, to be more flexible if 3d ever plays a significant role?
  13. maybe orient the inner side always owards the nearest own cc?
  14. You know how much of greek, carthaginian and so on knowledge the romans absorbed, don't you? Don't get me wrong, I like the romans, but not the slightest bit your absolutely obnoxious arrogance. If you claim the Romans for Roman catholicism and thus the drive to build cathedrals, can I claim the Romans to be guilty for the sexual abused victims by priests? It's the same logical structure...
  15. Looks a bit like the enemy once inheriting the towers was already killed at this time?
  16. I think Arabs are not specifically important in the considered timeframe (Part 1 500 BC - 0, Part 2 0 - 500 AD). Islam did not even exist in this timeframe.
  17. I think the minimum supported resolution is 1024x768, isn't it?
  18. You know Cornelis de Jagers Radosophie? He measured 4 parameters of a dutch womens bicycle and with few mathematical operations he obtained the gravitational constant, the speed of light, the fine-structure constant, the ratio of the mass of proton to the mass of the electron - and all with a deviation of less then 10^-4 So the builders of the dutch womens bicycle must have had a deep knowledge about our universe and its structure! Fact is, if you can choose your system arbritarily and use arbritarily mathematical operations you can get any number you want with any accuracy you want, so I would use ockhams razor here.
  19. Ah, Beethovens 5th E: Does sound pretty similar to Karajans 63's circle, does it not?
  20. I don't know if it's possible (easily), but I think it could work along the lines: Cavalry reaches target -> performs check if target flees -> if no, play the not-moving attack animation, if yes play the move-attack animation.
  21. Why Not make an attack Animation that gives cavalry the possibility to move ( at least fast enough to have the Enemy unit within Range When Finishing the attack Animation) while attacking? Would also be more realistic, I Guess.
  22. Can't you read? The balancing is mainly for normal games, so who the heck would mass expensive elephants if the enemy could take them down with some cheap skirmishers? If you try to defend against elephants with buildings thats not the fault of the game... Again, go to #0ad and play a match against e.g. quantumstate, and mass your elephants...
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