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Unit portrait pipeline


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Right, I think I get it now, the lighter aura will lie closer to the darker areas and the darker aura will sit behind the light edges.

almost feels like cheating xP

ah well; it does look better though

Part of getting good with most skills is to know when and how to cheat ;)
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I really like that one, artistically speaking. The stance of the bowman is very good and the icon is well balanced in term of geometry and use of space.

Just as a test, I have lightened it and contrasted a bit more, and I think then this is an example of well-working icon at small scale (here in 128x128) :


I've also moved the color tone 5% on the left (in Gimp) which makes it less "green".

What do you think LordGood?

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On this one, you did a good job on the man and his weapons, his hand is perfect... nothing special to say.

But on the horse, sorry to say that... but this horse face is ugly, not looking like a horse actually. I suggest you redraw the head entirely.

Also, there is a yellow-green tone on this picture, and I think it would look way better without this tone. As a comparison, the tone of the bownman is ok.

edited these ones

-The balearic slinger face is still in the dark. And as you did with the elephant rider's stick above, here too you could improve the contrast of the weapon's rope on the background so that we enjoy the 3 differents pieces of ropes you drawn. :)

-The woman is well drawn, except the eyes that could "pop" slightly, just a bit more drawn.

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You did a good work on ornaments and colouring on this one, but I must admit I find the rider stance much too awkward.

His leg is almost in the front of the horse, which is not accurate, and he looks seated just behind the horse's neck, which too isn't accurate.

Out of that, I really like how you drawn the armor, clothes and weapons.

Well, if you feel like redrawing, here is some inspiration of how and where the rider stands on the horse : (pic from Alexander)


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