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Unit portrait pipeline


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Celtic Iaosae just because! My brain might just have switched gears from the carthaginians to the celts for a bit. I'll do the Sacred band of Astarte eventually

I actually did this one more painterly on one layer, I find it easier to manipulate. Let me know what you think

To have some critique:

The energy that the slinger needs to throw the sling is not visible enough in my opinioon. Also the pose does not seem to represent it. I imagine a pose with arms more stretched to the background, using the power to rotate the sling. Also having a slightly bowed and rotated back.

The Sling needs to stick out more, if seen at a not so good display and a low resolution it's not that visible. Maybe getting some highlights, or motion-blur in (i prefer some lighter colors for the sling)

I am not sure about the anatomy of the hand, it feels wrong, but i guess as a small portrait it doesn't matter too much.

The second portrait, of the spear thrower looks well done! No urgent critique there :)

I hope it helps for the creative process, the remarks are meant to be encouraging, I like your progress!

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to illustrate my ideas some quick sketch (was refreshing to use my good ol' wacom after months). I dunno if it transports my idea properly or if it is of any use for you. Your portrait still is good, don't get me wrong, I just don't feel enough dynamic for this kind of unit.


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