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  1. Yeah I need female garrison at first, then city soldiers garrison in towers to protect civic center, you think the civic center can support a Ai attack in hard with outnumbering troops, and over numbering enemies, the towers can attack, but if enemy destroy first all my buildings a can't train new soldiers, and if I try to ungarrison the enemy kills instantly my soldiers, I'm talking about a first engage or a repetitive engagement in first seconds when I research second phase, what the problem? the problem is I was researched thst phase when I have 1000 and 1000 wood I can expect have a big stockpile after that. And if kill all my females is hard to do recovery food again, this feature is effective for a early gameplay or when you are losing and you try to survive. So I need my defenses at maximum to survive a big rush and try to make a strategy to counterattack. When I see in map that big mass of soldiers is hard to think where are your females and where are your soldiers, I know about alt+ mouse click. But is not time to think. Why I want garrison soldiers in civic centre, maybe cavalry units to gain some attack bonus. May be garrison in outpost as a bait to enemy Ai. All know if you lost your single CC, you lost the game. Some times a dock can save you, but is not a great hope, many times is luck. First I need save all females because are cheap and gathers food from farms more easily. I need protect my CC. And third protect important buildings.
  2. If I want garrison quickly in random buildings I don't need the button. Only select all units and garrison manually. And leave the enemy destroy my towers with females inside. Is more useful click the button and wait to females use civilian building to garrison, and citizen soldiers in tower with double attack arrows, ill smash the rushers in seconds.
  3. and you know about Roman original alphabet, they dont have "K" uses C. for Romans Kelts and Celts sounds similar. and you know where came from Kaisar
  4. the walls....are more different. and indont know why without them the lighthouse dont have the same feeling
  5. ffor now we need solutions, if you find the game after alpha 11 The factions was celts and Hellenes. for now we dont need more work to do only ideas for gameplay. you are from Europe right? think the game can be Translate to other languages and Kelts are not in many of them.
  6. here are some examples: http://www.cornucopia3d.com/purchase.php?item_id=7352
  7. Ask to the devs if they want to change it.
  8. for the game the dock can be 4x4. you can see the document design http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtDesignDocument
  9. is too big or too little to be a dock, check all other dock have some proportions.
  10. the faction are the full playable, sub factions are not in the game yet. Germans is the Name of the Civilization the faction must be Suebi or Alemanni, the sub Faction can be more little. and but we can't name it all Germans factions as Germans for example we have Goths you can't mix with Saxons.
  11. is some rude Loli but is true the game need prople brings Solutions not creating more. is possibly have a Documentation team or people can do it that?
  12. you are programmer or Im doing a mistake?
  13. but this a game or a book of history? you know in all media you can do things that are common for most people, a question you are from France? so you want name Celt to the Gauls and Britons name Celts islanders. Think about player in all World, if we call Celtica to Gaul and Islander Celt to other what you think can happens?
  14. se my edit, History is made by winners and Gauls were defeated by Romans. and why you mean to get ideas from people? the greek are Pagan too, is my point of view.
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