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  1. That may just be because of mipmapping and/or antialiasing, although I think that bit of the texture map might not be the best quality. Yeah, the second floor would probably be pretty useless (and perhaps expensive) to a blacksmith.
  2. It would be good to have animatable wings, like with the chicken, where they're normally flat against the body but can move independently. Nice job, though. You're definitely better at texturing than I am.
  3. The leg joints have at least two loops (at least on the side it bends away from). You can give it more rounding on the side it bends away from, if you want to save polys. The tigers need to be very flexible. Don't be too conservative with polys on the joints, we don't want the transforms to be ugly. Also, make sure to keep the distances between the loops on the tail even.
  4. I think the head's shape could use a little work, but other than that, nice job!
  5. The tiger desperately needs a new model and texture. Also, take a look through the animal models in Atlas, some should be pretty obvious that need new models and textures. (low-quality textures, low-poly models, etc)
  6. I just noticed something about the archer's icon... Something about the bow makes it look like the bottom is much longer than the top. I think perhaps the top wooden bit of it shouldn't bend back so far. Edit: Just saw the new ship icon. Looks really epic with sharp edges! Even at a small size, it still makes a big difference.
  7. You should finish this, I think it would look fantastic in the game.
  8. Heh, that's something I hadn't thought of either... I guess I haven't really done enough biped animations. Any time I'm animating a human, though, I do test out the movements, so I may have done that correctly without realizing it.
  9. Your MLP drawings are making me think we should add a pony Easter egg.
  10. What kinds of animations are you good at? Do you have any examples?
  11. Enrique, the fact that the eyebrows and eyelashes don't end in points, like in the second reference you posted, bothers me a bit. perhaps you should repaint those?
  12. You should try to make the halos look like the one in the archer's portrait, it looks way better, since it doesn't look like a cartoony outline. The archer looks great in the screenie, btw.
  13. Just to expand on my post, it wouldn't be too hard for you guys to add a value to entity templates' projectile settings to multiply the gravity and therefore make the trajectory higher. Take a look at simulation/components/Attack.js.
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