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The Great Community Map - 1.0


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It would be nice if we would turn the community map into a showcase of all the different civilizations. Currently we have a lot of sandbox scenarios, it would be cool if all these would be combined as well in an extra showcase map. This makes it much easier to compare visuals, art direction, etc...

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@Lion.Kanzen @niektb if you are going to proceed, please consider continuing work on the same map, rather than starting a new one. This way, even if you won't finish the map, there still will be a progress in the same direction.

I've updated the latest version published here: [1] using a18_to_a19.py and replaced missing celt_* entities on @Yodaspirine's part with the correspondingly-looking gaul_ and brit_ ones. Here are the resulting map files: community_map_a20.zip

The only issue on @Yodaspirine's part I see is the rotary mill which has a different model and obstruction size now.
Roman camp on @idanwin's part looks the same, gaul buildings are changed (houses can be replaced with brit ones to look like the original ones; I left them as is, since they were initially added as gaul ones, rather than generic celt). Also cage actors are missing in both Alpha 12 and Alpha 20, I guess they are the models from this topic: [2]



Celts (Alpha 12 / Alpha 20):



Roman camp (Alpha 12, Alpha 20):





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