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31 minutes ago, Enrique said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone Looking awesome man.

Did you change the speed of the skirmisher jog? they look much more natural now than the "quick jumpy" effect that I remembered. I think you should also touch the animation speed for the archers jog to something similar.

I have tweaked some of the variant files for the mod, yeah. There are 100 more things I'd still like to tweak, as I'm sure you know. ;) 


8 minutes ago, wraitii said:

This isometric effect is _really_ trippy.



I might make another video tomorrow, this time with the standard 45 FOV camera for comparison. I got OBS to work. Spending 30 bucks on Fraps was a @#$%ing waste. lol

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Mais um vídeo interessante do Ágora 0ad!!  More interesting video of Agora 0ad !!


Great video from @ValihrAnt  

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6 hours ago, coworotel said:

Seems that Alpha 24 is going to look much better than A23.

Not necessarily. This is a custom skirmish map from Delenda Est, with its own lighting scheme. Plus my graphics card is super primo. :) But some of the assets, like trees and terrains are improved. Definitely. (y) 

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