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Well, the cheats are being implemented. I am going to write the current cheats and ask you to suggest better names for them.

i want pizza xxx

adds xxx food to your inventory

bring my axe xxx

adds xxx wood

your money or your life xxx

adds xxx metal

i see a mountain here xxx

adds xxx stone

the default number for those cheats is 1000 (it means that if you only type i want pizza, you would be given 1000 food)

jame jam

reveals map

the hive master

max population


increases the max population for you to 500

iwanttopwnthem xxx

the selected structure spawns xxx (1 if not specified) random heroes. only structures that train units can be used and if you select an enemy structure, these heroes will be created for them.


makes you the owner of the selected unit

black death

kills the selected units

hehehehehehehehe x

defeats player_x

pandoras box

you can control all of the units and buildings in the game.

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I'd really like some sort of Asterix cheat. Something like "Cacofonix" (the bard, Assurancetourix in French), that would replace every melee weapon prop with a fish (even if just for the graphics). Any idea how this could be implemented?

(I'm willing to do this completely on my own, as it's really about the most unnecessary thing ever).

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teleport selected units somewhere to the center of the screen (when possible)

or enable another building (a large ring?[maybe copyright problems]) that can garrison many units and has those shared by all instances -> a garrison teleporter


spawns treasures looking like gifts at random places

hunting party

spawn random animals

some fun cheats:(most would require modelling useless stuff)

i have the crystals

spawns green glowing crystals all over your buildings (think cnc… :P)

time is relative

increase build speed

or spawn Einstein doing some stuff(maybe explode with a nuke animation when killed)

oh my blood

big bats fly around your buildings, change the selection sound to some "generic vampire" sound

big ben is watching you

change the tower model to Big Ben

you could rebind some of the dev overlay funcions to cheat codes:

john titor

enable time warp

eagle eyes

unrestrict camera


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pandoras box

you can control all of the units and buildings in the game.

YES! Thank you so much for this option! When you say control, does that mean the player controls the different sides which means they can still attack each other? Let's say I'm playing the Romans, and the computer is playing the Celts. If I use the pandoras box cheat, will I take control of the celts, but still have it where it's not counted as being owned by me? Basically, will I be able to use this cheat to play against myself? If so, this is what I've been waiting for. Ever since I could play against myself in Rise of Nations I've wanted to see something like that in another game. There's just something awesome about being able to set things up however you want and play it out. One thing I did in Rise of Nations with this option was to get a group of soldiers from both sides, have them hold fire and line up in front of each other, and then turn them back to aggressive. It was awesome. I'm so glad to see this being put in the game. :yes3:

your money or your life

Is that by any chance a reference to Mount&Blade? That's a line river pirates say when you encounter them.


Oh god, I laughed when I saw this one.

hehehehehehehehe x

Unless the number of 'he's used is a reference to something, might I suggest cutting it to hehehe x? Shorter and easier to remember.

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We have a dragon, an airplane, and an elven ship, we could have cheats to spawn those.

Oh, and typing "realism" could make the game sepia and, "idspispopd" which turns off collision and allows unit to walk anywhere.

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We have a dragon, an airplane, and an elven ship, we could have cheats to spawn those.

Oh, and typing "realism" could make the game sepia and, "idspispopd" which turns off collision and allows unit to walk anywhere.

The airplane is already here. But the dragon needs animations and I haven't seen any elven ship.

imjupitermaximusoptimus=inmortal own units(your units can die)

You mean "can't" die?

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Perhaps a set of cheats that are outlandish, and a set of cheats that is more mundane. So, for instance, the outlandish cheats would include giant lizards, fighter planes, dragons, etc., while the mundane cheats are the resource cheats and giving the player special units and stuff like that. There would be a check box option for both types (you can allow both, either, or neither).

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Ok, ok, I'm about to end all your peoples cheat making careers,

1.Run of The Bulls - a special type of unit which are bulls would have to be made which all they do is run and whatever gets in their way falls down and gets hurt and the cheat makes a bunch of them appear(and things are scared of them but it doesnt matter since the bulls run fast)

2.Brrraaains- makes zombies start appearing AND for every 1/5 of people that die turn into zombehs

3.Aliens-makes aliens come and shoot lazers and stuff at you and abducts people

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Perhaps there could be one that changes the pitch of the unit's voices, making them sound really high or low. I do not have any idea how that could work exactly.

Shouldn't be a problem. If I am not mistaken, OpenAL provides speed/pitch changing, so all that would be needed would be some extra code.

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1) A cheat that allows archers to walk on water and transform into trees! (for the nostalgic amongst us)

2) Tux!!!

3) A cheat that allows you to go to the next phase instantly (or even to the latest phase) (mainly for testing purposes)

4) "Who turned the lights off?" - go to night time

5) "I'm afraid in the dark!" - back to day time

6) "eagles eyes" - archers never miss

7) "you Shall Not PASS!" - summons a wizard (could be like a priest for now, well ... a really good priest, oc!)

8) "we are anonymous" - a black suited guy with a guy fawkes mask appears, he can walk through buildings and trees, over water and mountains, cannot be touched by any weaponry and does not have a weapon. Instead he has an area effect which diminishes the loyalty bar (or however it is called and once this is implemented) of any nearby enemy units. Another possibility is to give him a DoS attack (nearby enemy buildings cannot produce, fire or stock resources, with a nice hackash graphics of course: a lot of letters - maybe even actual code - fly in the direction of the affected buildings)

I also second the zombies, the high and the low-pitched voices, a code that instantly destroys all the gates in the game ("all your bases are belong to us" maybe?) and "Argonaut" (reveal all water).

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