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  1. Ok, ok, I'm about to end all your peoples cheat making careers, 1.Run of The Bulls - a special type of unit which are bulls would have to be made which all they do is run and whatever gets in their way falls down and gets hurt and the cheat makes a bunch of them appear(and things are scared of them but it doesnt matter since the bulls run fast) 2.Brrraaains- makes zombies start appearing AND for every 1/5 of people that die turn into zombehs 3.Aliens-makes aliens come and shoot lazers and stuff at you and abducts people
  2. sadly the newer COD games are bad i personally like world at war betterbut the game i play was skyrim but i stopped since they started shafting ps3 users, idk wat to play now
  3. srry i didnt finish the map i was grounded for a while and still am ill get to it as soon as possible
  4. i could make a map problem is im making my own map for amusement so it wont be very detailed and i dont know how to upload maps
  5. i love how in that water instead of seeing the bottom of the ocean floor it steadily becomes harder to see
  6. and the square maps have more space ^.^
  7. and for those of u that dont know u can trade with yourself! so just build a bunch of docks for the carthaginians and u have a good source of income
  8. yeah that would be awesome especially if eventually their is a troy faction then the spartans just go in the athenians ships go across the ocean then destroy troy <-- it rhymed lol
  9. wrod

    Water Bug

    lol that looks halarious.. poor fishies willl die
  10. O! i just figured out people get reputation if vote up their post by clicking the arrow next to the 0(i said zero because so far thats wat every1 has as far as i know) over on the lower right side of the post(it needs to be made more obvious)
  11. today i just decided to see my 0ad profile and noticed there was this reputation point thingy and i got 1 WOO!!! and im just wondering.. what are reputation points/wat r they 4
  12. this is my map so far(been grounded so i couldnt work on it much) its of Sparta and their is going to be a nearby city too on the top right part of the map and that gap in the river is a half finished bridge
  13. well even if it is copyrighted we then can use a moose... idk y but it would be awesome seeing a kung fu cow/moose beat up ur troops while walking through a field or forrest lol
  14. mythos... doesn any1 listen to other peoples posted music anyways?
  15. unless if unstead of a cow its a MOOSE!!!
  16. i first started alpha 6 forgot the game for a while and started again
  17. unless we use it to convey a message it isnt copyright! like the message is how awesome this game is... yeah it probably wont work :'(
  18. here u go alpha *passes him a scale* u can use that to weigh ur words!
  19. idk y but wat if the game had the cow that does kung fu sort of like the 1 in kung pow sort of like an easter egg
  20. yodaspirine u inspired me to make a map and post it which iw ill do... EVENTUALLY!!!(it will be awesome)
  21. this... must be implemented.... or ill get chuck norris on u peoples...
  22. I dont have references but actual bridges and docks where it goes further out into the water
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