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  1. Yep, we had some major pathfinder woes mid to late game. And the chat should remember which category you last used, so you won't have to select Allies in the dropdown every single time. Later I learned about T and other hotkeys, but my point still stands. Also I played badly but that's another matter.
  2. Made a video of myself playing a game, with some commentary.
  3. I have a GTS 250 with 1 GB VRAM, and it works great for gaming in Linux though I am using the proprietary drivers. If you want open drivers you should rather get a Radeon 5xxx or 6xxx card. I would honestly not recommend a card slower than the 250 for full HD gaming - the passively cooled 630 might be decent enough.
  4. I have no coding skills including Javascript but keep this thread alive please - it will no doubt help many an aspiring AI creator!
  5. Just going to chime in and mention that we have had problems for SuperTuxKart because some drivers report they can handle frame-buffer objects while in reality they can't. Otherwise the 3D engine we're using should disable it automatically. In other words: never trust a driver. It might be drunk.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, the netbook I'm writing on now has Intel GMA 950 graphics... and even though I tried, 0 A.D. were absolutely, utterly unplayable on it, with something that felt like 1-2 FPS per second. So I'd wager that on any computer without shader support the game will not be very pleasant anyway, and the people using such hardware will be fewer and fewer. 0 A.D. part 1 probably still has a couple years to go anyway, and throwing out some legacy cruft will at the very least not slow development down.
  7. Sun as seen in the game's logo would be cool. It would be easy to recognize the hero for whichever civ you chose to play as if that was consistently used for every hero.
  8. I also like Lutetia. People reading Asterix should be familiar with it.
  9. That explains a lot. Directional sounds must be mono when using OpenAL, while stereo tracks should obviously just play normally with no direction taken into account.
  10. I guess you know that Alt+Enter toggles between fullscreen/windowed?
  11. Just want to say the new effects look spec(tac)ular with my NVIDIA 250 GTS card. Keep being awesome!
  12. Wonder why such numbers have to be round. Just make it a text (well number) box and let people write what they want to have (0 would be infinite), with a sensible default.
  13. The Tolkien Estate has as far as I've read been quite aggressive in shutting down people using Tolkien lore for their own projects.
  14. Maybe the video memory has gone bad, and the card may not have much longer to live? Just a thought.
  15. Sure, but you need to give people a good reason to donate, with measurable results, or they have much less incentive to give you full coffers.
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