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Is there gonna be any cheats cause almost every game has cheats? heres a possible list of say something then what happens and give me some more cheat ideas

Its a me mario-A huge mario comes out of your town center and attacks people by jumping on them

vroom vroom vroom-a cobra comes out of ur tc (simular to aok)

paul bunyon-get 1000 wood

unubtaniam-get 1000 metal (remember from avatar the metal)

omnomnom-get 1000 food

im a noob-kill everyone but you

what does this button do?-makes all your enemies buildings explode

[HACK_POWERS_ACTIVATE]-can control your enemies

einstien knows all-get einstien unit and everything is built super duper fast

emo-whenever your units attack they hurt them selves

argonaut-reaveals all water

wololo-what ever it does in aok

: )-gets a smily face like this ;) and it does nothing

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i think you should name some of the cheats after the various alpha and beta modes (so one of them could be "argonaut" and maybe reveals all water on the map). perhaps you could name others after movies or books set in the period, so maybe one cheat could be "this is spartaa!!" and gives you a bunch of spartan hoplites, or another could be "videssos" after the harry turtledove series (which focused on pre-byzantine romans being transported into a fantasy world analogous to the byzantine empire) and maybe give you some kind of fantasy creature (i actually havent read the book, so that would require a bit of research). internet memes would be good inspiration, too; i always thought it was awesome that the instant win cheat in empire earth was "all your base are belong to us"

aside from that, id look at all of the other AOE games for ideas for cheats. after all, 0ad is pretty much the spiritual successor to the AOE series

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hey, just thought id chime in a couple of ideas for cheats. these are named after the alpha modes that are released thus far:

ARGONAUT : (must be in caps to work) reveals all of the water on the map

BELLEROPHON : (must be in caps to work) creates a special Bellerophon hero unit to fight for you, similar to how he was in AOM

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