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  1. It has a lot of great tech info and images, but where possible try to corroborate it with another source. When I last looked at Reshafim their Timeline page had a lot of errors, so the Timeline in specific should be ingored.
  2. Because of Wildfire Game's origins as the Rome At War mod, I suggest naming them all after ancient Roman military and civilian ranks, and all in correct Latin. But obviously the bottom should be some citizen rank, not "slave"
  3. fcxSanya, that is my avatar! Thank you very much. It appears that the Internet Archive doesn't save images, so I don't think that'll help in recovering the rest of the gallery. But thank you for that image... looks like typing other names into that url recovers at least 3 of the TLA images. Some that may have been in the gallery are at http://wildfiregames...lizations.html. I'm not finding the 0AD avatars... I think there were shields, such as the Spartan lambda shield.
  4. Since nobody seems to know anything about the avatar gallery, are the urls for topics and posts the same as before the change? Will I be able to put a forum url into the Wayback Machine and get pre-changeover archives?
  5. How do I access the original forum avatar gallery? Please tell me you guys didn't just delete it! I can't imagine why anyone would delete it... It had avatars representing every faction planned for 0 A.D. and The Last Alliance, and some other images. It was very nice.
  6. OK, I know I haven't been around in a while, but I had no idea this was happening until afterwards -- there was no warning about a plan to delete all avatars. Now my avatar is gone, and I didn't even have a profile picture. I was using an avatar which had been part of the standard forum set of avatars, except now I can't access any of those. Were they all deleted? Is it impossible to get my avatar back? Also, why am I a Community Drunk? Is that a standard thing related to post count?
  7. Don't they have their own separate website and forum? They're not necessarily dead, even if they stop posting their progress here.
  8. Morale could be interesting in my opinion. There would have to be some positive modifier to morale when units are fighting within their own territory (that is, fighting defensively) and perhaps mercenaries would have less base morale. But I don't see how wind and sun-glare would improve the game.
  9. That source apparently has some fantastic Egyptian art, wherever Mythos_Ruler found it.
  10. Yes, but not 5 harvests in advance.
  11. The Sema`-Ta`wy is the symbol of the Two Lands of Egypt, (Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt), united as one nation, and also indicates that the pharaoh rules over the whole nation. There's a version which is heraldically supported by the Horus and Set. Horus was always an important god of kingship, and Set was the patron of several pharaohs in the New Kingdom.
  12. I was looking at screenshots and I realized what the Egyptians should have for their civ symbol (the one that appears at the top of the main screen when you play that faction). They should have the Sema`-Ta`uwy (Sema-Tawy). There are a few versions of it: http://www.crystalinks.com/semasm2.gif http://valnor.deviantart.com/gallery/29900559#/d3ewqtx http://www.egyptological.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/17-DSC06918-copy.jpg http://www.edupics.com/hapy-t9843.jpg http://www.touregypt.net/images/touregypt/horus13.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3333/3605873029_00a8f53a2a.jpg http://www.lessing-photo.com/p2/080102/08010263.jpg
  13. Yeah, I wonder if the programmers would be willing to preserve a "stupid" version of the AI and turn it into an "easy" setting for single player, to give a break to bad/inexperienced players.
  14. But how is it an accurate depiction of the setting, Arda, if it doesn't take place in Arda itself, and has a bunch of random guys from Warcraft/Warhammer/Wheel of Time/Star Wars/D&D/Harry Potter/Zelda/Conan/DBZ thrown in? Personally I love Arda only as a whole, including the entire setting with all of its history, cosmology, and philosophy. I can't get excited at all about the individual bits and pieces in isolation, divorced from their entire context that made them who and what they are. Even if you have some story explaining it, like "transdimensional portals that abducted people and dumped them into XYZ universe," I still wouldn't enjoy it in the least. It wouldn't be Arda. And Tolkien did write enough detail about his dwarves to distinguish them from generic fantasy/D&D dwarves.
  15. The Siege of Angband wasn't a bunch of elves camping outside the gates 24/7 for hundreds of years. It was a wall of territories Morgoth couldn't cross... except he could, because his forces repeatedly left Angand and found ways around the Noldorin territories. Anyway, I have The Silmarillion, Children of Hurin, Morgoth's Ring, War of the Jewels, and Peoples of Middle-Earth. Anyone here have Unfinished Tales? Oh, and I have the first two volumes of Lord of the Rings, but not Return of the King. The used bookstore didn't have that one... As for heroes, I think the standard is 3 per civ. The Noldor had way too many princes to include all of them.
  16. How would stables differ from corrals? Is it horses vs. other livestock?
  17. If something isn't described in any of the books, I say it's open to logical interpretation. But it should be the modders' interpretation, not something taken from the movies. It should be separate. I blocked most of he movie images out of my head, and I think that's the best route to go. Don't deliberately avoid things that look like movie art, just avoid thinking about the movies and focus on your own thoughts. IIRC Noldor liked to work in stone, to build tall towers, and to carve decorations. They knew how to make "magic" doors like that of Moria. Rivendell in Fellowship of the Rings has rooms with flat wood-beam ceilings, and the beams are richly carved. Also my preference is to start with the First Age becaues it's my favorite, and that way the team would be more likely to develop their own independent artistic style before they get into the Third Age. There are no First Age movies.
  18. Ewwww no thanks. I like Middle-Earth accurately depicted, please. That's why I don't want to see anything based on the movies. If it's just "Tolkien-clone generic fantasy" then I have 0% interest in it.
  19. At the least Hus/Hys must be close, because -hyus is a common ending for genus names among pigs and their relatives, and two of their groupings end in -hyidae and -hyina. (Huus/Hyys in Ancient Greek doesn't seem to make sense to me, but you may know that better SMST.) Also, erymanthius is an (invalid) species name for a Miocene southern European giant pig. But then, some scientific names are spelled wrong. (Some are also named after Silmarillion characters... )
  20. I got the translations from theoi.com. The author of that website sources everything directly from the ancient texts and pots, though he mostly reads translations.
  21. The problem with pyramids is that they were only built in the Old Kingdom, and even the small ones were HUGE. The requirements to build one would have to be "all the stone on the map." EDIT: found the thread with pyramid and obelisk eye candy models http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13298&st=0
  22. THESE Carthaginians are communists?
  23. When you build the Byzantines, it would be great to include the 7th/8th century flamethrower as an easter egg or cheat code unit, just for the heck of it.
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