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  1. Well what time span would be more interesting, militarily and historically, and more original in the RTS world? What would be less repetitive with the original 0 A.D.? I vote for mid-late bronze age, maybe 2000-1100 or 1700-1000, instead of early iron age. For one thing, that allows the Egyptians to show up at the New Kingdom (perhaps under the 19th dynasty?) when I think they were at their military peak. It also lets you use the Hittites and Indus Valley. But I probably won't be your mod's most hardcore player.
  2. Thanks! Those terrain textures are so gorgeous! If/when I finally get the ability to use this game, the editor is probably one of the first things I'll mess around with, followed by building pretty city screenshots. Also, the stoa is cool. Kind of like editor-only eye-candy, but with game mechanics as well. I wonder what the equivalent buildings for other civs would be. Maybe a brick apartment building for the Romans?
  3. I don't have a graphics card that can run the game and I can't afford a new one right now. No job, no income. I'm just enjoying the screenshots and videos folks are posting.
  4. So word has it that the Arcadia II map is finished, and is even better than the first one. Can the developers please post it so we can see?
  5. Yep, because Americans, Europeans, and Australians of African, Albanian, Bosnian, Romanian, Czech, South Slavic, Polynesian, Melanesian, Micronesian, Malagasy, and Philippine ancestry just don't come to the forums, like, ever! Oh! Let's not forget Germans, Austrians, Jews, and all the Slavic ethnicities that aren't Russian, Sardinians, Corsicans, Canarians, Finns, Saami, Hungarians, Romanians, Swiss, Roma, umpteen non-Russian ethnic groups native to Russia such as the Erza, and all the Caucasian ethnic groups such as Ossetians and Kartvelians/Georgians.
  6. If one or two units have English words in their names, I don't think that's so terrible. Ancient Egyptian names are preferrable, but that by itself isn't a reason to give up a piece of gameplay, IMO. For one thing, your first version of the mod won't be perfect anyway, but you can keep looking for names. This free online dictionary I'm using isn't the only possible source you could use. There probably is a known Coptic word for animal or beast, but not necessarily for Tjeku or Suez. There may be a Coptic name for the Red Sea, depending on the wording of Exodus in the Coptic Bible. Are you planning to use Arabic for the flagbearer unit?
  7. Can damage be added as props to the model base?
  8. I like the Japanese team bonus. Good idea. I can't find any word for animal, beast, monster, whale, or anything of the sort.
  9. You just pick which of those listed are most numerous among your ancestors. The next poll will be a bit easier when the 6 new civilizations for Part 2 finalized... though then we'll have Italian people asking whether they're supposed to pick Republican Romans or Imperial Romans, and Greeks may be at a loss what to do with the Byzantine option. A "Not Related to any of the Above" option would help, too.
  10. There's not currently a captcha for registering? There should be one for registering and one for posting your first ever post.
  11. Depends what time period you're talking about. Egypt didn't conquer Kush (Upper Nubia) until the New Kingdom, and during the 8th century B.C.E. the Nubians turned the tables and conquered Egypt. The pre-New Kingdom Kushites obviously wouldn't work in 0 A.D.'s time frame, but they could fit into a more ancient mod, like the one that has been proposed.
  12. But 0 A.D. will continue to be playable on XP, right?
  13. I'm glad that there's somebody on the development team like you Ykkrosh, because that's probably the sort of casual player I'll be, too. A "world" conquest mode could be a nice framework within which to structure single-player games, especially if the maps are set up with the biome, wildlife, eye candy, and opponents specific to each area you enter. Existing specific maps such as Arcadia could also be thrown in at the appropriate location on the map. So for example, when conquering the province of Arcadia in Hellas, if it takes 10 victories to conquer the province, then of all the single-player battles fought there, one random battle will be located on the Arcadia map, with the rest on random maps set to the Greek environment.
  14. But... that makes no sense at all. Tjeku is a place name. It's like naming a unit Memphis or Syracuse or Sparta. It just doesn't work. Not adding a word such as "beast" doesn't make the name look more authentic at all. It just makes the name totally nonsensical. And I already posted several words that mean "wind."
  15. It was the togue-in-cheek term for a trope.
  16. Tjeku is a place, so it would have to be Tjeku Beast or Tjeku Whale, not just Tjeku. The Wepwawet idea is redundant with the jackal-headed Khaty now, right? I think a winged, (one) ram-headed wind spirit could be fine.
  17. It would be funny to make a cheat unit ... even if it has bad graphics and does nothing but stand in place and dance. Oh, and it should be killable for food, like an animal.
  18. Isn't Tyrus (Tyros?) a Greek form of the name? Does anybody know what the Phoenicians or Persians called it?
  19. I like the welcome page but I agree that the colors are too similar to each other. In addition, it would help if they were less transparent. The Persian color, in particular, looks red on the map because the purple mixes with the yellow, but the key shows Persians in purple.
  20. Well.. it's not authentic if it has to be made up, right? And I can't actually find words for beast, whale, or monster. Tjeku is the Egyptian name of a region near the modern Suez, though. I know and agree that it doesn't sound as good if the names aren't consistent with each other, but I don't really think that's a reason not to use a myth unit in your plans, especially since the Nouvelle dictionary isn't the world's only source of Egyptian linguistic info. There's other places to look and other people to talk to.
  21. What's so wrong with calling the cryptic Beast of Suez or Suez Beast or Tusked Whale? You had some name ideas earlier. It's a modern discovery, so it couldn't possibly have an ancient or Coptic name. There isn't a word for "wind god" that I know of, but just calling it "wind" like the Greeks do could work. That would be: Tjaw, Tjau, Sut, Suh, or Nefet.
  22. Nope, the old "thalassocracy" ideas about Minoans are largely discredited now. Minoans were the Bronze Age civilization on Crete (and the may have colonized parts of the Cyclades) before being conquered by Greeks during the Late Bronze Age. They had a script but it is undeciphered. Phoenicians came along much later, in the Iron Age. Etruscans certainly had their own script (derived from the Greek script) and some of it survives, although not a ton. It has been deciphered and can be read. It's not like there's nothing left of the Etruscan civilization, they're just far less famous than the Romans because they got defeated, and they never conquered the southern half of Europe. I don't know how much information is available about them, but Nubians/Kushites (during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom) could be an option. Otherwise I like the idea of Hittites, Egyptians (but wasn't the New Kingdom their military height?), at least one Mesopotamian civ, and one Iranian civ. And I have to put in a request for the Indus Valley Civilization. That would be one of my top picks for civs. If Nubians, Etruscans, and Minoans aren't interesting enough or don't have enough usable information, what about the Urnfield, Varna, Mitanni/Hurrian, or Ugaritic peoples? Mykenaians and Phoenicians, though they could be neat on their own, seem too similar to the 0 A.D. civs to be as interesting as some other options. And having two Mesopotamian civs seems a bit repetitive, unless they really are quite different. I'd rather see more widely spread civs. Actually, my preference would be: Tawy/Egypt (New Kingdom) a Mesopotamian civ (probably Kassites or Assyrians) an Iranian civ (Medes or Elamites) Indus Valley/Harappans Kerma/Nubians Nasili/Hittites Anyway, the idea of a mod based around the bronze age (and early iron age) is great.
  23. I stand corrected about Babylon then. Also Pergamum = Pergamon?
  24. Hm, well... the Sha-headed griffin is a possibility though it is very similar to a regular griffin, or a cross between a griffin and a Set-animal, and seems too repetitive. The Winged Giraffe isn't working and the Serpopard is too similar to the Sirrush. Are you already using the tusked whale/cryptid? I think you said you are. There's the Sacred Bull I mentioned here: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.p...ndpost&p=208840 which would be pretty appropriate for Ptah. Bakh (Buchis) was credited with healing powers, especially healing eye disease. So a Sacred Bull could perhaps be a combat unit that also units within his aura, or boosts their line-of-sight (or both if he's upgraded). But again, that may be too similar to the Bull of Heaven. If you want something more unique... apparently Hap (Apis) could be depicted as a bull-headed (giant) scarab. Or a cross between a woman and a tree... sometimes a fig tree with the head and arms of a goddess (sometimes unspecified) offers food and drink to the dead in the underworld. Something like that (But with the ability to walk) could heal units or something. Shesshes is a crocodile with a snake's head and neck growing out of the end of its tail. A singular creature or god apparently, depicted in the underworld. Then there are the four winds. I think they were regarded as minor deities, and each had a different appearance, so if you use them you'd probably have to pick one. As wind gods they're also more appropriate to Amun, if it isn't too awkward to shift things somewhat and give an existing unit to Ptah. Qebewy: depicted as a ram with four heads and four feathered wings, and alternatively as a man with four ram-heads and four feathered wings Henkhiseswy: depicted as a scarab with the head of a ram, with two feathered wings (not to be taken literally?); or alternatively as a man with the head of a ram and four feathered wings Shehbwy: a man with the head of a lion and four feathered wings Hudjaywy: as Shehbwy, but with the head of a snake instead Lastly, Hapy the river-god has many servants: minor crocodile-headed gods and frog-headed goddesses. I don't know what they could do (maybe armed with nets and spears?) but you could give one type to Khnum and switch one of his to Ptah, or something.
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