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  1. Yeah, I agree the other factions should get releases named for them. I just don't know much about Celtic or Iberian cultures.
  2. I really know nothing about them either, I just pulled those out of Wikipedia, Pantheon.org, and the trac wiki. I looked for other super units and heroes whose names start with D, but didn't find any more for Greeks, Celts, or Iberians. Here's a few Greek names: Deimos, god or personification of fear or terror, son and attendant of the god of war, Ares Drakon, so the next easter egg unit can be that dragon! Dionysos and Demeter, the two major agricultural gods of Greek religion Dodona, a great oracle of Zeus in Thesprotia
  3. How about Demetrios, since he's one of the Greek heroes in the game. Or Devotio, one of the Iberian super units.
  4. Oh, there's only been planning. Really just brainstorming with the ancient mod.
  5. And for the late Bronze Age (when the Trojan War is often guessed to have taken place) see the "Ancient Mod for 0 A.D." On the idea itself, I don't really have any feedback, sorry. It looks like the factions themselves shouldn't be so much trouble to design since there are only three of them, and depending on how similar you plan to make them to the real pre-Classical Greeks, you could use much of the existing Hellenes as a starting point.
  6. So! You heard them, let's get started. I know very little about ancient Iberia, so I unfortunately only have a few names I found on Wikipedia and Pantheon.org: Deitanni: a tribe of people in southeast Spain, I'm guessing native. Awkwardly, there's much more to choose from starting with C and E than with D. Wikimedia map. There are some divine theonyms starting with D, though they are probably all only attested from Roman times so they might not count, and the sources for this info are the Routledge Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils and Demons, and other books of that sort: Daho, from the Pyrenees: pantheon.org Dercetius, a Lusitanian mountain god: pantheon.org and wikipedia Duberdicus, a Lusitanian lake or river god: wikipedia Duillae, vegetation goddesses: pantheon Durius/Durio, river god of Rio Duero: wikipedia If Daho was comparable to Mars (according to ancient Romans or modern commentators? I don't know), then he could be a good choice, this being a game about warfare. I like Deitanni and Dercetius too.
  7. OK. Is this where I post ideas for the next release name?
  8. Cool, I didn't expect #3 so soon! And I see good omens for the contents of the next version... exciting! But you got the pronunciation of Cerberus wrong. In Greek it is Kerberos, with a hard K: Care-Bear-os (or more like Care-ver-os in modern Greek). Anyway instead of Wikipedia, a better source about him is at the Theoi Project (which unfortunately displays best in Internet Explorer).
  9. Auro... I don't even know what you're talking about. The Hellenistic Period was defined by hoplites? Are you confusing Hellenistic with Hellenic (a.k.a. Greek)? Because I said Hellenistic, not Hellenic. Hellenic means Greek, from the Ancient Greek ethnonym Hellenes. Apparently you're using it to mean Classical Greece. Hellenistic is the modern label applied to the time period between Alexandros' death and the Roman conquest of the Hellenistic regions (Greece, Egypt, etc.). Philip II conquered Greece and his son Alexandros conquered the Persian Empire.
  10. Oshron, you know how in 0 A.D. some civilizations get the ability to capture and tame animals that other civilizations can't tame (elephants and/or camels, I think)? Well for Godstorm the Egyptians should be able to capture and tame antelope/gazelles. Egyptians as early as the Old Kingdom kept herds of tame antelope (gazelles, bubal hartebeest, and oryx, maybe other species) for food.
  11. Well, I see your point, if eye-candy isn't available in random map multiplayer games. But to be accurate it would have to be randomized with the probabilities set so that the majority of fields are grain. And each civ would have to get their own list of crops and probabilities.
  12. Other plants (such as grapevines and tree crops) that played smaller parts in the diets are already being added as eye candy.
  13. To me it makes the most sense for the fields to always be grain since barley, wheat, and the like were the staples of the whole area covered by the game.
  14. Having them as a regular unit trained by the Greek civ would work. What I mean (I didn't explain myself adequately) is that Scythian archer slaves couldn't be used for what oshron had in mind: since there is no Scythian civ to capture slaves from, it wouldn't make sense to have Scythian archers be a special unit that can only be trained from capturing slaves from other players. They'd have to be just a regular unit, training-wise.
  15. If people got free slave units, it would make sense (at least in terms of flavor) for them to have the same civilian functions as regular soldiers, but without any soldier functions. But as a unit such a slave might be kind of crappy. I guess it would be similar to a free female citizen, but I don't know if it would be worth it. For one thing, if the civilization you captured them from steals them back, would that mean they become soldiers for their faction of origin again? I think that Greeks used Scythian slaves for their archer/police units, but since there is no Scythian civilization in the game, doing anything special with that wouldn't make any sense.
  16. I prefer the idea of using POWs as slaves instead of "converting" them. Slavery seems more historically likely to me.
  17. Guys.... I was suggesting a cheat code, not a mandatory piece of a real tech tree just to frustrate players. You know, a cheat? A joke? Breathing: A joke technology that actually does nothing, for laughs. Never suggested it should be a real or mandatory tech or prerequisite. The link is only there in case you don't get the joke...
  18. Yes, on close inspection the sails look like a woven material instead of hide. The symbols are awesome though, and it should have been technologically possible to paint hide.
  19. Yes SMST, but then you got my gender wrong. Are the boats intended to lack rowing benches? There don't seem to be any.
  20. Yeah, Google Translate fell down on you. I'm not finding another website that does any better.
  21. NEWTECH (or maybe SUPERTECH): After a short period of time, the game declares "You Have Researched Breathing!" Breathing now appears in the list of techs you have researched, but does absolutely nothing.
  22. I always thought Fog of War or Shroud of Darkness would just cover the edges and never go away.
  23. Those ships look excellent! Personally I think they'd look nicer if the images were centered on the sails, but they look sweet as-is.
  24. I don't know anything about saints. But what I meant about cherubim and archangels is that if they're the most important angels (and if archangels are invinvible then they must be pretty powerful) then using something else instead for that myth unit could make more sense. Thing is I don't know what role ophanim, thrones, powers, etc. serve in the Heavenly Host, but I think they're worth looking into if it is the case that they're less invincible/important/major than archangels.
  25. I second the idea of giving cavalry a javelin animation and the ability to attack at range when hunting. I know that sort of thing isn't a priority for the first version, but it would be a nice addition for later.
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