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  1. Umm, thats good =) But where is everyone?
  2. wow, i have been away for a while now, and ... man its quiet here =( Whats going on? How is everyone btw?
  3. I have modded / am modding thousands of boards (of course not that many but you get it ) and never ever once have I lost anything. Would be because i am inactive ... i guess
  4. Official 0ad clans wont be made untill the game is made. Though i think that my clan will play 0ad some, though sadly we are focused on Counter Strike most of the time
  5. hate snow. We have snow pretty often where i live, and you really get sick of it after 16 years with snow in 6 of the months
  6. Hmm, i mean what #2 answer said. Shan said it for me. I mean, when all words are used, can there be no more threads?
  7. Like, i saw this "How did you end up at WFG" thread. I thought this has been made before, and why doesnt anyone make new threads instead? Is it possible to make ALL threads so there are none left?
  8. Thanks man You are always so helpful hehe I will probably need some more help, hope you'd not going anywhere
  9. Hmm, thanksie What to look for on that site? I really dont know what to search / look for? Uploading script?
  10. hmm, havent tryed actually. But is it possible to make a script that can upload like i explained WITHOUT any connection to the forums?
  11. Hehe, ok I have NO idea, i just thought i saw 3.0 Hmm, anyway, is this even possible?! Just upload like that?!
  12. Hmm, i guess?! hehe, i dont really know about that I have the domain and the space, 1gb is enough i hope, with support of PHP 3.0 (or something) and MYSQL!!
  13. Well, My clan is looking for a website developer. We dont need a huge advanced website with neat design and all that, we want simply 2 PHP baced features: A easy News system so we can post Interviews, news and articles! A system that makes us able to upload HLTV (Half Life television) demoes from my computer to the Internet / Our server. It would have these boxes we would fill in when uploading: Opponent; Match Result; Type of Match(Cup, pcw, League); Size; Uploaded by; And then you know the "Browse" button so we can easily upload the demo Anyone here wants to make that? You'll get plenty of ads on the page, on IRC and stuff like that, you'll get "honor" and all that, if you have a IRC channel you will get idlers and all that. We can also discuss money and and other sorts of ... payment
  14. Movies. Mom: Dunno yet (1 day left) Dad: Troy Elder brother: King Arthur Little-brother: Dunno yet (ONE DAY LEFT!!)
  15. HEY!! FREAKIN TOPIC STEALER Hehe, nice one btw, i like standing still against a wall with my legs crossed. "The ladies" seems to like it too
  16. Mine is sitting on a chair. Whats yours? Laying? Standing? Rolling? Standing on your knees?
  17. Hmm, then a question ... Is it a sin to say fu**? Like, its not real cursing is it?
  18. Ok all, this thread SHOULD be long, but its really late here in cold Norway so i doubt it will be that long after all ... And my English should be worse than usual ... and i understand if you guys dont understand my questions and comments. What this thread is about ... I was thinking about all those bad words that most English and American movies use these days. In Norway, we hardly use "normal" cursing like "oh my god" and "hell". I know these are cursing words, also in Norwegian. BUT, fu.ck, di.ck, a.s.s and so on ... these aren't real cursing words are they? I know in Norway they dont use it in movies, but i often screem words like the female hmm ... you know, sexthing (@#$% as you might call it) when im playing CS .... Anyway ... is it bad to say fu**? I mean, i know its not a good thing, but is it either worshipping the devil, or faking to God, which you fo when you are cursing? -ZZ
  19. Drop the cheating thing. Its just lame to cheat! And i surely (is that a word?) don't hope you guys will have cheat in MP?
  20. Well, hehe, Scandinavians knows the sea. We (almost) INVENTED fishing. So its not because I'm from Scandinavia. It's simply because i dont like seabattles in RTS- games.
  21. thanks guys ... Got a 2/3 out of 6 though, i sucked
  22. Hmm, dont think i lost many, didnt like the spamming!
  23. The easiest way to stop smoking There are no easy way!
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