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  1. No, i think its great. Maybe im a fool... But i think so, escpecially since you didnt have the hardware!... Praetorians prewiev isnt good, do you think, well, i love Praetorians, the game, but the movie (prewiev) isnt that good, you wasnt able to see any battles at all, just the four romans that got killed! AoM movie is great, it rules. But all the movies (Prewievs) that Ensemble had made to their games (AoE, AoE 2x1 and AoM)! But i think you should give out a INGAME movie, as soon as you think that the game could do that, many INGAME movies!..
  2. well, a few years, beta in over one year, and then some more stuff, maybe about two years?? I dunno, you guys may even not! But anyway: Wich Rts Are You Most Looking Forward To?, in this, or next year or something!!
  3. It is really awsome, was it hard?? Do anyone know of a long animation war movie? The only Ani (animation) movie ive ever seen is Ice Age and Toy Story 1 and 2. Love them all. But the only time i see what i really want to see, war ani, is in the games intro!
  4. Personally its Lords of the Realms 3 or Empires: Dawn of the Modern world, offcourse, im looking forward to both TLA and 0.A.D, but its many years to their release, isnt it?! `_`
  5. Yes, i agree with Code, it has to be organized, like the Battlefield 1942 editor, BattleCraft 1942!
  6. You havent updated this for a while, if i see right!!! 1. When are 0.A.D being released?? 2. Can units walk ON the walls?? 3. How big will the game be?? 4. What ages are included?? 5. What MP modes, and SP modes, will be included?? 6. How many nations are there?? 7. How good are the grapich engine, try to describe!? PLz answer these Wijit! From ZeZar!
  7. The Idle Worker thing in RoN was ok, include it is my advice! But a good AI helps their allies, and are using different tactics! I think!
  8. Well, Wijit, i love "Black Forest", but EE (and EE2, Empires: DotMW) doesnt have those maps, so i usually play "Highlands". I dont know what grapich engine you are using, but if you will make an "Black Forest", i will play it, i hope you olso include "Highlands"
  9. As long as its a easy-use editor, i dont care to much about the things that are in the editor, as long as its normal stuff are included!
  10. No, sorry, not yet. Well, i just heard of it...! from you! Well, ceeya around!
  11. Well, eh, i only play FIFA 2003 on Semi Pro....! I olso am a member of a football club, actually called "Froland IL". Thanks for answering! Dear wishses and good luck with: FIFA, the football club, AND 0.A.D!
  12. I like BIG EPIC good grapix BATTLES. Love battles. I just wanna say that to you guys, make blood involved. Not splashing all over the screen, but just a bit blood!
  13. oh, i see. Not bad. Want borders you or not?? But i still would prefer a good old nice 3v3 game, were me and my allies start near!
  14. NO. I dont think so. Whats the point of team, if there is no teamwork??
  15. Not if the ZOOM is bad, like in WC3, couldnt had 1000 units or something there!
  16. Hello, my name is actually √ėyvind (Oeyvind) but my nick is ZeZar. Im from little Norway, so my English is not so good...! I am Only 15 years old, but im a very life experienced person... (just kidding)! Well, im very intresting in everything named RTS and like both FPS and Role-Playing! (FIFA 2003 olso..). I love modding, and wanna become a modder (or better game maker *ehrem* WFG...) but to early to start with advanced modding or game making know i think. I play Soccer, or football as i call it, i olso am a fan of Tolkien, and really looking forward to TLA, and might BfME! Are you HOT and wanna know more, please contact me: zezar_88@hotmail.com (NO SPAM!)
  17. Seriusly. I hate DM. I dunno, but i thinnk its because i like the building fase, and stuff. Dont know. But The BF1942 idea capturing different points on the map, would might been an option to "MakeItWithTheArmyYouGet" (a bad name, Wijit may come up with something) or just fighting, or maight capture the flag. So that not everybody just defend, something might happen with my idea, just defend! Well, its up to Wijit.
  18. OK, i just wanna say, get many Screens, movies and other downloadable stuff!
  19. The thing about 16 players (EE only has 8) is a good idea, but a bit to may i think. 12 is good. Just what i think. Have anyone tryed EE2, Empires: Dawn of the Modern world (You could learn something from there Wijit). Just DEMO, but still great. Like in WW2, Engeeners can place Mines, pretty cool i think! But about 0.A.D, is the Engine 3D?? Not required but still with good grapix you will draw more atention! And isnt it VERY hard making a game?? I really wanna make games, and MODS, but i am really a N00b, onlu "experience" i got, is making maps in EE, AoK, Battlefield 1942 and a bit CS, is it C++ you need to learn?? What else to learn to make a small easy mod or game?? Sorry if: My English is BAD, im Norwegian-... I am bothering you, is i am asking to much, tell me!
  20. AoE 1 made me play RTS, the best game ever i would have said, but NO! Its not, it WAS the best game, like AoK, i love it, but its too old, bad grapics and other stuff. Times changes, i still play AoK, but i just got the Empires: Dawn of the Modern world MP demo, i would try it if i where you guys, it rulez! TRY IT! Why? Fantastic grapix, lovely sound, cool stuff like Engeneers can place Mines and other stuff. Many tactics! Well, its olso really good gameplay! Not much of Why, but something. I mean this, TRY IT!!!! (If you got ADSL or better...) 280mb!
  21. WinXP PRO! Isnt there coming a SE to XP PRO too? Is it out?? I dunno!
  22. I love EE (Empire Earth) and Empires: Dawn of the Modern world (EE 2) only Demo...! Olso love: AoE, AoK, AoM, WC3, RA1, 2 and Generals, well, isnt that all? Well, and RoN!
  23. Well, i dont know, but some really updated news, one each day as a goal, i know nothing to do with the case, wait, ill come up with something soon!
  24. First of all, i love questons like that, i dont know 0.A.D project very much, but i WILL download it when you are done. Nr 1. I want Regicide (like in AoK), Normal mode (like radom map or something), eh, maybe a "not attack for 5 minutes" style, like nobody can be able to attack anyone for 5 minutes! (like in RoN)!!!! MIWTAYG, its an idea i got, it stands for: MakeItWithTheArmyYouGet... Every player begins with like 2-400 units (I dunno the POP limit).. and they must make it with those, NO building,it would have been cool, then you will have to use some tactic, so you dont loose all your soldiers, but you still have to attack, if you will win, and get score! Its just an idea, dont laught! "How many players do you want": I dont know, 8-12 its the normal, 8 actually. In LAN its cool to be many, so i would have picked 12 or something! I gotta go, sorry if its a short and unreadable post, but im from NORWAY...! Can you answer these question: What is 0.A.D (maybe an address to a website for info)... When does it release?? Is it a mod, if yes, for what game?? If NOT, is you Grafic Engine good, some pics?? Good Look! From ZeZar!
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