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  1. PLuss: Whats those points, and DONATE?`what is it?
  2. I really think you should NOT talking about this. Wijit, you know, you may deside something else when the beta is ready, but guys that have many forum points (whatever that is) will complain and demand to beta test, because you said so!
  3. Come on guys, get you freakin fingers crossed!
  4. Cinda stupid to discuss a beta that will not be released for a looong time. AND if the demo came out to the net, it would have been cool for you guys i think, its a free game, that people can play, why dont gibe they (us) a good taste of what the game is going to be?? Well, im sure Wijit has desided allready, so its cinda stupid to discuss this!
  5. Thats right. Finally understood (my english is bad!) Well, i just want you to make some, not matter if its today, next week, or next year, just something that will make the waiting easier!
  6. Ah, what does this have to do this the case? That i whant Wijit and the rest to make some IN-game movies so i can watch the game soon! (in the next 6-10 months)
  7. Nah, nobody would turn down a offer, give me an example of why he should?!
  8. Yes i do think they would fall under the NEW owners pop cap!
  9. YES! No colors, just uniforms, couldnt have the same civ tho, but anyway!
  10. Not tha whole mission, just like the IN-game movies they made for AoM. like 1 minute with gameplay and battles! shouldnt be so big, they where as i said about 1 min, and had a size, about 10-15 mb!
  11. I think a saw AoE 3 somewhere news about it, i dunno, i check it out!
  12. YEs! Would have been cool? Slaughter like 300 units in 30 seconds, and the chance for missing gotta be some smaller, like hit 50 %, wound 30% miss 20%. But it gotta depend on distance, if the object is moving, and so on!
  13. hm, gives me a good chance?? or not...
  14. If i was a talented gamemaker i would try to join! Btw, i really wanna beta test this game, will i, as only a fan, be able to do that, or di you have to be in the dev team to sign up??
  15. In Empires: DotMW there or very often two attack options, its really cool! I think that if i ever made a RTS, the units should be VERY cheep, so that BIG battles where very often. AND units shouldnt have much health, it would have been realistic, so one arrow is enough to kill a soldier!
  16. Ye i know. But its like 2-3 years to its released!
  17. So new screens are coming in the end of the month?? YES!!! *fingers and toes are crossed*!
  18. FILESIZE?? I am not an expert, but like 1 hour movie with WinCam, is abput 400 mb. Lets say you make like 4 minutes a time, woulf only be like 20-40 mb!? OR make small movies, like 30 sec a time!? Well, i dunno, you deside!
  19. So civs will have units the other civs dont have?? Thats what i ment!?
  20. Will there be a couple Uniqe (i dunno how to spell that one, (like in RoN)) or will all civs have different units, like in Empires: DotMW!? Or maybe all units are the same!?
  21. Do you play Empires?? I love Empires! Agree. trding units is a great idea!
  22. But you know i meen, why not forexsample use WinCam, just make a movie out of the game you are playing, not any difficult long, big moviee, just clips, so everybody can see units, buildings, graphix, and UI! See??
  23. Man i agree. Have somthing there! And have a goal that you should update a page every day! Excluding news!
  24. My darn demo for Stronghold never install, have downloaded it 4 times from different places with ISDN...! I live in Norway, i he country side, cannot get ADSL for years, it sucks!
  25. ROME:TOTAL WAR??? Man i hate the Total War series. I actually played Medieval a bit, but almost never commanded the battles! NO one looking forward to Empires: Dawn of the Modern World? or Lords of the Realms 3??
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