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  1. Well, i just found out that a really famous clan in Norway, X-pec who are into CPL and stuff like that (Its like the E-sports World Campionship) ... for those who dont know what CPL is Anyway, i should change the topic name to ... "We are gonna play :P" Thanks for the warn words, i just hope you guy can check the website and maybe even check some of our matches (You'll need a steam account and Counter Strike installed for watch ...) via HLTV sometime hehee, at least check the webbie if we won .... if we loose first match .... i will stop playing CS for 6 months And thats huge for me @Curu: Watch what your saying, or ill kick you a**
  2. I have NEVER EVER done that stuff. And i wont say you are wrong, but i disagree. I think most people wants to have new stuff on their payed game, for free, and many use mods. The most played game ever is a mod.. wierd?? Anyway, about scenarios ... you may be right, im not experienced with RTS mods, but i think that if you have a easy install, were the mod is only a folder which only affects that folder, so you can just delete that folder when you dont want the mod, then people dont care. They like it. I do at least Though mods that change many key files to a game (Praetorians modding IE) is not used much, because they change the game forever. (If you dont want to reinstall the game of course). But 0ad mods will be easy to install and Uinstall as far as i know, so i think mods will be huge in that game
  3. Cool, 70 % hmm, 3 couldnt care less? WHO is it? I will kick your bloo .... oh yeh ... ok nvm Thanks btw, im happy about it too, The reason for changing was that I didnt like the name and we are getting a new HP and the Web designer guy needed the name now
  4. lol, i wont send a report since 2 of the Senior Mods have allready been here Anyway ... the money ... we are not allowed to talk about them by me ... because then i just start expect too win, and that would be bad, cause it is REALLY hard, and we will have to practice a lot this week ... because this friday at 8 it all starts ... For those who know about this, ill lay out some demoes (HLTV) from it later Oh btw ... from about 7'o clock Nor time ill start updating the Website, and i will continue to update it before, and after every match all weekend
  5. Well, what do you guys think about our new name?? Rise of the Vikings What do you think? Cast a vote and give your comments (They better be good cause i skipped the news for making this topic )
  6. Well, me and my mates in wL.local are going to this local LAN, and we WILL win the 6000 NOK, which is ... hmm ... dunnno, about 800$ or something So ... what do you think? The game is Counter Strike of course.... Do you think we can win??
  7. I disagree. When you are tired of playing an awsome game mods are making it fun again. Also most mods have easy uinstall and install systems so they dont affect the original game
  8. i LOVE when people are wondering where im gone Thanks for the concern CheeZy and Tau Well, welcome to the WFG forums Tau, about time you registered oh yeh, i was gone because the Internet broke down, and school started and there was SO much homework so i didnt bother fixing it untill about 2 weeks went by and i HAVE to have it
  9. Hmm, good idea. Ill update you all on the subject soon, we arent doing much for 2 weeks, waiting for the internet
  10. oh yeh, the food. As a start, we dont serve anything, because there is 2 oil stations nearby and 2 foodstores right around the corner. If it all goes good, we will get some baguetts and some soda and so on ,,..
  11. Of course i could, if you guys let me And thanks for all the wishes again. About the Internet, i dont know too much about it, but i know that there are a lot of Internet Cafes in Norway, and most of them are really going good Though we still havent got the internet, we will get in a few weeks Anyway, thanks for all the warm word, i surely hope it will be great. We might donate some money to 0ad if the place go good
  12. Well, it has been a lot of upside down with the name, but i think it will be called "WarLord GamingCafe. Its name was Planet WarLord a few months ago, but a few miles away there is a Internet cafe called PlanetX-pec ... so we couldnt have that Well, we got some sponsores so we only will start with about 4-5 computers, but we will have our own computers there too, so it will be around 10 computers. About the Norwegian with Internet. Of course they got ... but the other Cafe i was talking about is really going great, and with so low costs we got, we dont loose much if its not a success Though ... the reputation wont be good then .... Thanks for the wishes
  13. Well, we do My clan and I have now got the internet connection ordered, and soon we get the computers up. It is really local and we hope it will be a success. So if you ever are south in Norway, come visit, ill make sure you can sit as long as you want for free, as long as you are a WFG member hehe, pictures, website and so on will come soon So ... what do you guys think about this? Bad idea? Good idea?
  14. Well, it could be sponsored ? Also, my new timestealer, the Internet cafe my clan is making, also sponses stuff like that, but not on a international level lol, mostly local stuff
  15. Well, WarLord clan has its own T shirts ... so why not? I would have buy one i guess
  16. NO! Because you cant know how a person is by a look! Maybe you can see how hot she is, but not her personality!
  17. hehe, looking good. Not bad at all. Though WAY to green after my opinion
  18. What is it and how do you get it? Tell me .. i wanna know please
  19. Oh Nate ... think about Empires Dawn of the Modern World .... 9 different civs, !!
  20. *looking* NO found *Sking others on the LAN* No one answer, beacuse they all sleep. Im all alone. .. *Looing in the other computer for my picture* *result coming when im back* Found from the trip we had to Stavanger, me and 3 other friends. I did tell you about that right? Im sure i did, anyway, here is a picture;
  21. So ... tell me what you did this morning I woke up, played some CS (pcw-s) and then started eating :=
  22. I would say the TERRIBLE AI in GTA3 must be a bug ... Or the fact that some games cant be played in CP, huge bugs
  23. *finally* Maybe im late, but i have been on vacation Anyway, NEAT screens, gj guys
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