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  1. ROFL, im glad you guys support me in my war against my terrible teacher ... Though its over ... school is over New school, new teachers
  2. The insurrection mod brings back alot Wanna make me cry, yeh, seriously I remember sending a mail to the guys who stopped them ... they never replyed Oh man I loved that mod
  3. Well, one is NO problem. But there is 20 posts each page right? And if everyone used less say 100 kb because someone has bigger than you, and someone has same size. That is 100kb*20 is 400kb, which with a ISDN take sometime, often i load several pages and some downloads, so it would take MUCH longer time
  4. Well, I wish i could say 4 years ago, but Christmas 2003/2004 The thing about my English teacher (who happens to also be my Norwegian teacher) is that first of all shes ugly, she cant teach, she behaves really bad, she is SO unfair and shes not my kind of teacher AT ALL. Also ... every writer is her favourite, AND we always read this TOTALLY BOOOORING romans I totally hate her Thanks for understanding Des
  5. Well, something too add; Us ISDN (And even Dail up) guys couldnt use these forums if everyone had Image signature, even imagine the loading times
  6. I have also considered this, installing Linux, and this "Lindows" on my computer, is this a good idea?
  7. THOUGH i dont think its very cool bringing 10+ old topics back ... old topics are often old topics because they are done with the discussion, so bringing it up are just annyoing, since they must start finding arguments again. Also, bringing up tons of old ones, are just annyoing :P But one or two are cool, i surely dont mind And i think we should discuss the "rep -". i think the report button should be used, and the Guardians should give him rep -, not the users
  8. hehe, oki, just thought like "200 dollars, isnt that the same as 200$" ? But ok, i got it, ill keep in mind next time Thanks
  9. That is exactly what she wrote yes btw, i dont know about her English, but i HATED that teacher, i hated her so much !! So im kind of glad i dont have to see her again
  10. Being your nanny Well, actually, being a game tester would fit me well
  11. I got 2-3 comments about it, but never got any votes, PLEASE vote I thought it was cool readin my very old paper ... Also, i see that i have improved my English, not much, but some (Though there is still a loooooong way to go) Well, here it is, unedited, its about a year old i think My new best friend! It was quiet, ?Nussy? I yelled She did not answer. ?Please Nussy?. I ran down the stairs, into the living room with my gun loaded. I yelled ?Filly, Paal?. Then I saw and shot one of them. Then it all became silent again. One week earlier: ?Are you sure? mom said.? ?Yes mom, I`m 16 years old, I`m old enough to be (stay) home alone for 2 weeks?. ?We know that son? she said ?Please let me know when you are there, and have a nice trip? I said calmly? A few more days went by, and I was all alone. On the 4th of July, I heard a noice (noise) downstairs, I ran down with my new shotgun, a Benelli M3, the most powerful shotgun you get for $1000. When i got down i saw some beautiful dogs, they were all white and black and looked delightful. I wistled at them, they came, and I was in love with them. The next day, and some more says, me and my dogs had a great time playing and I called them Paal- The strong one Nussy- The smart one Filly- The wild and wierd one So on the 7th of July, me and my dogs was (were) sleeping. (When) I heard some noice (noise) downstairs again, this time it was a human voice. ?The dogs are in here somewhere? one of them said. ?Then search the house? one other said. I paniced, I gotta get out of here i thought, the dogs were already in my bed. Suddendly (suddenly) I heard someone in the stairs, walking fast. I had my gun, and my dogs, so I was prepared. The guy were (was) upstairs now, I could not wait much longer... !PANG! He was dead, but the others heard it and were coming up (upstairs). My dogs ran downstairs and started fighting, I heard shots, I raised up (arose, or got up), and reloaded my gun. ?Nussy? I yelled She did not answer. ?Please Nussy?. I ran down the stairs, into the living room with my gun loaded. I yelled ?Filly, Paal?. Then I saw and shot one of them. Then it all became silent again. ?Woff? I heard, and then some screams. I walked out, and shot the guy that was standing there. Then I heard both dogs and guys upstairs. I ran up up and saw Filly laying (lying) there, bleeding. He (She) was shot in both legs and stomach (belly) and was in big pain. I walked into my bedroom. There i saw Nussy and Paal fighting against the last bad guy. Then two shots were fired at the same time. I shot the bad guy, and He shot Paal. Paal was hit bad (badly), and as every guy with love to (for) his friends would do: I killed Paal and Filly, they were in too big pain to survive! Øyvind Myhren Tjøstheim 10A Froland Ungdomskole Comments by teacher: I was slightly disappointed as I thought at first glance you were going to write about wolvess. I like the composition of this essay. You begin and end your story with same dynamite event. I wis you could leave out all the shooting. I had my dose of Morgan Kane a long time ago Your English (last test was right before posting alot at wfg forums) is improving, I belive Lene Engdahl English teacher 10 A Froland U. Skole! My grade was B-. There may be some mistakes, spelling, because im in a hurry. I have included my teachers spelling, like this one; noice (noise) where her are ()!' thank you all, hf gl ZeZar!
  12. Well, i get money from my mother and father ... when i need it. And i travel pretty much, and do stuff pretty much, so it would be,... hmm ... 200$ a month? I really dont know, something like that
  13. Usj, man she looks really UGLY there !
  14. BTW, well i don't know who she is, but i don't think she's so ugly, after all... Well, shes not ugly. But that she has gotten the "Beauty queen of Tenis", i cant understand at all There are many much more hot than her there !1
  15. Well, think there was a thread about this a long time ago, but for new members, and not old members, it is ok to read about the "veterans", and the new ones can also post here, so we get to know them better Anyway, i am 16 years old, i come from Froland in Aust Agder, south of Norway. I like, or LOVE playing soccer, and Volleyball. I also like computer related stuff, and im in the lead of Project Viking mod. I am admin and moderator at different forums (read signature) and i just thought about that i have applyed to a moderator job here at WFG twice, but settled as a VIP, very happy for that I am a very active forum member on a lot of forums, but my true hearth lies here ... and at my own forum of course, but besides that, here I have 2 brothers, one just went to military, wont be home untill Christmas (I hope he had to be longer though ) and a little brother who is called Erik, and his 12 (or 11 or something) years old. My mother is called Marit, and is 40 years old. My father is called Odd Egil, and is 41 years old. He came from Stavanger, west in Norway. My two grandparents from here are both dead, but they were good Christians and i believe i will meat them in heaven, and its a long time since they passed away so i try not thinking too much about it. My other two grandparents live in Stavanger, and are both in good health hmm, this was much more about me than most of you know ... i dont expect all of you too write all this .... but its late now, and i have not much else too do ... So ... thanks for listening too me and tell your story
  16. Well, they joined yesterday and has made their first article, both of them. I REALLY enjoyed Nawen's article (who actually is a girl) but i liked Toomerns too, so i dont make a difference Anyway, you can read about both here; http://www.wlclan.net/mod And yes, we are having some designer difficulties, but i will manage that later this week, upload 4-5 new skins, deleting the ones that are, and fixing more block and much more info. For those who thought the skin was too dark, we are fixing this block so you can choose you own skin ;= Anyway, check them out, and dont forget to leaven a comment, you will be reading a lot from these two in the future
  17. Also, i read that people who play Counter Strike (and other FPS games i guess) have over 50% better reaction (better = faster i think) But ... back on topic
  18. I agree with Timmie, i dont think she is so hot, actually there are much hotter girls in the tenis sport thing, so i dont know why she is been made the "beauty queen" of tenis? btw, isnt it tennis? Not tenis? Or? Lol, picture anyway
  19. I have never been on TV; but i was interviewed rather long on Radio once, i was on Norway Cup (Worlds biggest Soccer turnament) I was really tired so i actually didnt say anything useful, just talked about girls and stuff ... and my mom, dad and my 2 grandparents were listening
  20. If i COULD help with anything, i would never started Viking mod, i would joined WFG. But i cant do anything as far as i know And thank you for answering and explaining my question (as usual), but i surely hope you are wrong about "not this year", but i think you are right As longas i comes 1st january its ok No, seriously, the game will not come out before its ready, i understand I also understand that you guys have things coming up now and then, its life Though i hope you could get some sponsores And one last thing, why are there not a "PR" guy somewere? That tells the people of the world about WFG, i feel that if you dont know about DGDN, OR Heavengames, you have not chance of finding out about this awsome game I made threads about the game in some Norwegian forums, but i really dont know what to say? People are often responding "Free? man, cant be any good then" ... Or "hmm, didnt see anything intresting..." Stuff like that, and i just and dont know what to do But im sure it will come later, and i hope the beta or alpha will be ready sometime this year, or REALLY early 2005
  21. Hmm, not a bad idea, ill telll him to check it out
  22. Yesterday, my clan was to update the clansite, and like veryone gave me the PM at the same time, so i had to get it in to dreamviewer, writing that PHP stuff and then upload, also they all asked this questions about the form i made and i had to edit pictures of everyone ...... man i was stressed, Check how it went; www.wlclan.net -> To the right you see the name of the members, click
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