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  1. hehe, good that SOMEONE here missed me, anyway thanks for the gl. Ill remember you guys when i get pr0
  2. Long time no see Wel, actually thats wrong, since i have dropped by about once a week, but thats very rare, and for that im sorry. Well, what can i say, i cant blaim the mod, because i havent done much work on that lately either, and sorry for that guys (in the mod ) So what is it with me then? Well, my clan has for some reason suddendly started praccing (practicing) a lot, and become much more serious. Also, school is HARD work, and a lot of homework (which i do on school) and tests (which i read for at home ). So I am not a good person for many people these days, and I'm once again, sorry. I hope it will change, but i feel (felt) really tired you know? outburned ? Can i say that? its a Norwegian word i think, means that you are really tired and have limited motivation and will to work anyway, hope you guys are allright, and hope this community will keep on growing As we say in Counter Strike : [G]ood [L]uck [H]ave [F]un
  3. Someone might give me some tips on this very, very hard language? Ok, ill try make a sentence for everyone: Mi madre tengo en Norway My mother lives in Norway - I think ...
  4. Well, for the 10th time on this forums (I know its a pretty long time since last, but it has been brought up more than twice!!) i AM still 16!
  5. Well ... i got other things than WFG, but sure hehe, of course im not to young for a gf, but married? Curu, i think you rushed into marrying her ... i didnt know you then and i couldnt be in your wedding Why couldnt you have waited a few years? (NOTE: <-- Means its a joke)
  6. haha, well ... im not negative, a bit early for me to marry someone, dont you think?
  7. Grapics in Cossacs AND RoN sucked. I HATE THEM!! Hope you guys keep far away from t hose kind of grapics!
  8. Yes, one last thing: You dont have to do what that guy tells you too, you just have to believe in Jesus. You should also know that your parent most likely did this because they LOVE you!! Anyway, right now im disrespectful to my mom, she has called me down for dinner and yet, i sit here writing Cya all, dinner time
  9. Well, i have A LOT more negative views in having a partner from my own sex!!!
  10. Sad story Though how come you think that Church is brainwashing? I believe in God, and i think you should study the Bible and that stuff before you say its bull. Though what about your real parents?
  11. I just wait for the right one. I have a lot of girls who are just my friend, but not a gf. Though i think i might get one soon, i begin feeling ready for a girl, and its quite sometime since last time. Though i only want the best You know, what I feel is best
  12. Hope not, dont like Danish people ... Ok, just kidding, trying to give the guy a welcome he wont forget I like Scandinavians, though Denmark controlled Norway for a while so me dont like them much lol, anyway, welcome to the forums Danish friend btw ... lol screens
  13. Ok ... I want more screenshots and a ingame movie, or more ingame movies hehe, ok, at least a battle screenshot soon
  14. Well, as far as you guys know, Viking mod is now Rise of Vikings. Well ... no its not, we dont officially change the name untill the new website gets up. Untill then, here is something you guys could enjoy (hopefully) reading. I wrote quite fast so expect some spelling mistakes, and some answers are wierd Anyway, i thought it was an honor to be Interviewed by AwAkEnIng, and for those who dont know who it is, his like THA guy in the Praetorians community, his making mods by hacking into Praet files and changing them .... Anyway .. his now making a site called Mod-project.com (The domain ont work atm) and i was the first to be interviewed (its all about mods on that site ) Anyway ....... The address to the thing is: http://www.modproject.blackportal.mundoser...com/modproject/ And directly too the Interview is: http://www.modproject.blackportal.mundoser.../index.php?id=2 *The link was wrong, i dont think the link right to the site work now either, but the INTERVIEW should work
  15. Im sorry for not answering here. Been school busy and ... you know, havent really noticed this thread .... *going back to page one to check it out * Ok, here is my feedback on that one picture: Its ... lovely. How can i describe it in words? Just look at the picture people, i can imagine the grapichs is better than in CS (And CS is a FPS game ) and also the gameplay looks amazing. Check out those trees guys, they are amazing, will it really be like that?? Ok, im just so tired atm, at a LAN, but the screen is just amazing. "A picture can describe more than 1000 words" and in this case, you couldnt descibed that picture with a billion words Anyway, new screens soon? Wanna see a battle
  16. In my more active days, i posted whenever i had an opportunity, or had the time. Now i do it when im bored
  17. I hug male friends, i DONT hug any other than ONE of my cousins, because thats the only girl (or boy) in the cousin, uncle, aunt and so on family i like. her name is Marita btw :=) hehehe But as i said, A LOT of hugging, NO kissing, i just recieve those, not give !!
  18. WHAT??? Please .... im not cold, nor distant!!!
  19. Wierd... we never kiss ... or well, i dont kiss, i get kisses often, on the chik (Or whatever how that word is ...) but i never give them. Dont know why, im more of a hugging guy *Gives Akya another great Norwegian hug* Hmm, have to be careful not to get beaten up by her boyfriend i guess ...
  20. Maybe especially girls get tired of your hugging Well, NO girls get tired of my hugging, of course not!! Who wouldnt want a hug, or 10 by me?? Anyway, how come hugging is so bad in the USA? How can you survive the day without hugging?? It rules!!!
  21. I want a hug Matt Well, i hug ALOT, boys, girls, all of them, even my dog. I think people get tired (Not girls i think) of my hugging, but you know... thats something that comes along with being my friend :) Ok, i dont hug THAT much, but i hug people i like, mostly girls, sometimes boys. But i dont hug girls or boys EVERY day, just i.e when i met this girl that i had'nt seen for over a week, i gave her a loooong hug, it felt right. Its in situations like that i hug! -ZZ Tha Hugimator
  22. Well ... for those who want to know much ... www.wlclan.net And for those who just dont care, or wanna know just a little ... We lost 2 matches and won 1. HLTV demoes can be downloaded from wlclan.net Anyway ... we lost bigtime... and i will start practicing tactics more with my team, thats what made us loose
  23. On that i agree, at some point. Since changing files makes it impossible for people to play on Internet. Though few games is like this. i only know Praetorians, and maybe Empires dotmw? But no one mods this ... And well ... 0ad will make it so you dont have to delete or change any of the original files so .... there are no problem!!!
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