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  1. Norway<3 That was a really wierd tree Arga, dont think i have seen it before?
  2. So ... how many hours do you guys spend in front of the computer? I guess after i quit playing CS and stuff like that, it is down to maximum 2 hours a day, but i would say about an hour a day, talking on MSN and IRC :>
  3. How come everyone like Oak? Is there a good reason for that?
  4. So, whats your favourite tree type? I guess mine is OAK
  5. Nathan .... unlimited time? Like never die? Wouldnt that be awfully boring? Everyone you knew is dead, and you just keeeeep on living? Just me theory <3
  6. I can explain Ok, in Norwegian we have 3 letters like THIS: Æ Ø Å Ø is written as Q in games where you cant write Ø, so when you write "SPQR", it means SPØR, which means "ask" in norwegian.
  7. Mythos_Ruler Here by BANNED :P Come on ... show me some imagination !
  8. Hhahaha so your never sad? What does EMO means btw?
  9. Norwegian clothing stores i guess I buy a lot of Nudie jeans, and Diesel ... thats what popular in Norway ... And really ... i buy most of my stuff at the local mall
  10. Ok, thats nice Ill start then, hoping someone will reply My 3 wishes: Teoretical driving licence being easier in Norway Had some more money so i could buy a new boat for myself And alcohol prices down to Swedish prices!
  11. what would you do? To prevent everyone from saying "food to everyone, peace in the world, no deseases", this 3 wishes has to be selfish, and consider ONLY yourself, and what you wish! Aight? gogo
  12. Well ... hehe, 24 3. season just started in Norway, so dont tell me anything And Prison Break ... i have seen all the way to ep. 21... which is the season finale? Uppy: Is it that show about cowboys and so on?
  13. King Tutankhamun: guess we now know that you are a TV guy =P Whats King of the King? Sounds like a fun show Paul, ill have to check it out sometime goldenratiophi: whats that about? :>' Edit: Desmond ... i love 24 as well, i skip soccer practice om thursdays to watch it ... its really a great show!
  14. Well, we all love TV right? These days, popular TV shows like Prison Break, Lost, Surface, Supernatural among others are on the screen ... Just wondering, whats your favourite? I have to say Prison Break, because its really exciting. And its one of the first shows i watched ...
  15. Hahha Argalius !! About time... Long time, no see ;<<< So basicly ... id have to start some more threads
  16. I think i fixed it now, uploaded a picture of my puppy to my FTP
  17. Hello guys My first post of "getting activity up'n go on General chat", so ... what kind of music do you guys listen to, when your really sad? I mean your girlfriend/boyfriend has broken up + your house burned down ... not like ... toenail broke =PPP Anyway ... i listen to calm music like The Used, (which also have some fast phased songs), and Rap, like 2pac, and Eminem, because they have the same anger as I do when im sad
  18. Lol, i dont think i was here back then, but i remember when it was the old IPB i think =p
  19. Oh... lol, i didnt know that ;p ill just use another image ... just took a random image back then =p
  20. Haha, just "hey" then gone? haehhea, i actually talked to Brian on MSN not long ago, he told me he had so much to do... or something, but think his gonna be back soon. I didnt talk so long because it was really like in the USA Schedules, ill remember that ) Anyway ... whats up with my avatar saying something about steal ... ? I have not stolen anything ! :\\
  21. Haha, Yes, you are a big part of the "old days" @Paul: Good luck with the jobs Hope you make a lot of money, or at least find something that you enjoy doing, that counts just as much. @Desmond: Haha, thanks We just found out (1 day before leaving) that the LAN we were attending was changed their time sceduals (sceduals...? ) so we couldn't attend :< I guess ill have to talk to him on MSN sometime, i have seen him on but not really had the time to find out about everything :<
  22. Well I actually searched for a middle earth mod for empire earth, or was it empires? Dont really remember, i was searching for a mod, and someone recommended that i'd pay a visit to TLA. So i did, found its forum, and registered. And added the forums to favourites ... I cant really recall.... have you guys changed forums a couple of times? It has not always been like this have it ?
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