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  1. Or said in other words, who's closest to be your idol on this forum? And why? I could pick just about everyone, cause your all awesome... but I would probably have to say good ol' King Tut cause he always had interesting posts, and he posted A LOT. Which made this forum a lot better to hang around What about you?
  2. Of course you all are Tottenham Hotspur fans. I just wanted to share a beautiful art video of when Gareth Bale (Spurs winger) played against Inter Milan. It is football (YEAH YEAH, soccer) but it's really the art that makes this video insane. Please check it out and tell me if you love it as I do As a sidenote.. It would probably be better if you watched the game in real life... still awesome though?
  3. Haha, not Open Source here either, but FIFA on PS3. FIFA and CoD Black Ops (mostly zombie) Any of you play FIFA? I'd love to beat someone from WFG
  4. Not to be negative but... how come introductions and general chat is the same forum? Drives me INSANE. btw, wierd new theme but as always, one will get used to it And if it help keep out spam and bots, then no need to complain
  5. Well... I was a huge fan of the General, and when I was like 12... Z and X-es and letters like that was COOL... So I stuck with it. Don't really use nicknames anymore though, if I ever register nowadays I just use 0yvind Cause thats kind of my name. Nice thread though
  6. I was just reading up on peoples statuses on facebook (yeah!) when i stumbled upon this little thing: "No on is illegal": http://womennewsnetwork.net/2010/12/08/3729/ Yeah it's a womans webpage, but the article is interesting for us all. I want to clear up som subjects that appear in the article. Also, raise a discussion on the matter of immigration!. - Norway does not send out immigrats, illegal or legal, that has any risk of being killed. Having kept a known terrorists (Mr Krekar amongst others) should prove that to some extent. - Norway does not disciminate woman in any way or form as far as it is possible. There will always be discrimination in a society, but it will affect both genders more or less equally. So, how do you all feel about immigration? It makes me a little angry that this woman who is published in this article are crying out when our government has payed for her masters degree. How bad is it to be an immigrant in a country when the same country pays for a masters degree?! Is it wrong of someone to expect some sort of gratitude? All these questions are hard. Personally I believe it is wrong to expect gratitude. Why should anyone thank YOU (or me) for being given the very same opportunities as YOU? (or me) At the same time, it's my grandfathers, fathers and my own taxmoney they are spending, on the immigrants themselves, their housing, their education and all that. But then AGAIN, when they are fully intergrated (or working as taxidrivers ..) they do provide for my education by their taxes. My personal view would have to be that immigration is OK, but immigrants breaking the law should be sent back. Of course, not for stealing a handbag, but for rape, murder, hard violence and so on and so forth... Would this make immigration easier? Sending out the bad ones? Or is that unethical? WOW, messy thread suddendly. Well, I hope you all get the picture. Now, what do YOU think!?
  7. Allthough Norway is pretty safe when it comes to baby boomers and all that (oil!) I have great concerns about it. What will we do when the average age is 90? We actually need people to die as soon as they are done working. Economically speaking of course
  8. Very true all you say. Even though I'm not to familiar with the American baby boomers and spending and so on... Anyways, whats also alarming is that all kids today have to go to school for 8 years to get a decent job. Just a few years ago you could get a banking position as soon as you were done with 13th grade. Today you AT LEAST need 3 years of university. Which means people today have 4-5-6-7-8 years of studying (which means really low income, which means really not spending a lot) and that again means lower tax income to the government. However, in Germany for instance, because of this (other reasons too) they have to start longer working weeks (38-45 hours a week) because there are not enough skilled labour out there. It's insane.!
  9. Hahaha, why is the Polish people evil? Probably B, since I hate cold weather (Yeah I'm the worst Norwegian ever). Or maybe C. However I'd only go with C if I could trade the Mac with a laptop with Windows on it!
  10. Way to much thinking. Wouldnt more people produce more? Like, the earth could probably handle it if all parts where used right And also, if you were the dictator of all this, you could ensure the saving of the environment
  11. Well, hard to think of one right now, but I really like the "pep talk" that the President have in "Independence Day" (Starring among others Will Smith) before the last airplanes are going to attack the alians Thats a mad speech that always gives me chills. At least the 3-4 times I've seen that movie.! Oh, and of course Theodens speech in Lord of the Rings. Both of them actually.
  12. Not to be Mr Anti stereotyping, but I'm pretty sure the unemployment in Spain (Greece, Portugal++) is because of the bad economical state the country is in But yeah, they seem more relaxed in southern Europe. Wierd!
  13. Well, I would go for A. Then I would perform scientific experiments with half of them and if I'm really lucky (Ethic and morals won't matter muhaha) I will create a few supermen. And some Spidermen. And a guy who combines them. superspiderawesomeman! Then I would take over the world. So yeah, thats easy, I'd go with A!
  14. But if you English, how can you ever leave a nation of football?! And yeah, norwegian football is very boring compared to Premier League.
  15. Rise Against - The Good Left Undone Is rap ok? Lowkey - The Essence Immortal Technique - Dance with the devil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M72zVuBNpEA
  16. I think its great that people protest for something they find unfair. However, the French is kind of famous for it. Which is kind of unfair I think. Most countries in Europe have strikes (all the time actually) and protests, it's just that the French gets a lot of media coverage because their all drama and violence But I support strikes that are valid. It's not fair that police officers dont get additional payment for armed operations (for example). They risk their lives.
  17. Haha, great reply! Don't really know that much about work ethics though, and of course we both stereotype but thats how it is when neither of us have lived there But don't you think that if you moved to, lets say Italy, that you would learn the language? Of course, my reply would depend on me learning the language to some extent. And I do understand that a person from Israel (which is pretty much summer all year right?) would have a hard time in Canada where there is real winter
  18. Topic pretty much says it all. However, I will give you all a guide on how to reply, since there are low activity these days.... - Name 1,2 or 3 different countries. The one you live in is NOT allowed. Also, "thats just gay, USA is the best, richest and most powerful country in the world so I wouldnt wanna live anywhere else BRO" is NOT a valid answer! - Explain why you would wanna live there. - Replying on someones post is allowed. Like "That sounds good" and so on and so forth. But even replies to replies should have more than 1 sentence! I'll even show you: How NOT to reply: "I would live in New Zealand, Cuba and South Africa! Cause it would be awesome!" The right way (Which also is my reply to the topic of this thread) I would want to live in Italy. It seems as they have a great culture, rich and vast history, a lot of interesting people and a lot of great food. I do believe that they are kind of crazy, but I've heard that it is a beautiful country with open-minded people and a great hearth for hospitality. I would also want to leave in Germany. Was there in vacation (ROADTRIP!) this summer and even though some people there were really rude there were a lot of really nice people that I got to know. And also I met a lot of other people vacating there so I would guess it is a target for vacations for a lot of people. Also, their football (soccer) stadiums seems insane, and that is something you cannot be without when moving to a new country. Last but not at all least, I would LOVE to live in England. North-London to be more specific. We all love english people right? The people, the culture and of course Tottenham Hotspur which is the team in my hearth. I bleed spurs! So seeing them on White Hart Lane every other sunday would be a dream! Give it a shot people, it might be fun!
  19. wtf, no jobs? Well, as far as I've learned: If there arent any jobs available, go to school!
  20. Velkommen tilbake I guess. Tror jeg husker deg fra gamle dager! Hva syns du om Jens Stoltenberg og hans nye statsbudsjett? =p Peace
  21. That's my dad! (kidding) Big news in Norway though. He was in the news and was all like "Can't believe no one thought of this. dumbasses"
  22. Thanks Aviv, got me a E Had to leave after 2 hours though, so just happy I didn't fail @Firepowa8: Hehe, if your single, I heard that Canada has the best looking woman in the world. Read it in some article a while back. Lucky you! @Auron2: haha, you'll figure it out. Just think about what you like to do when you grow up and try to focus on something related to that
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