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  1. Very quickly, I was involved with the spec for the original territory. The weighting was designed so that walls repelled territory far more than buildings, so that an ememies terriroty should not be able to push past a players wall barracade.... as long as that is preserved...
  2. Thanks Ludo38. The deadline was last Wednesday. The event these were needed for has passed. But the stickers will be handy for future promotional stuff. Locking thread.
  3. Ludo, nice work. Think you could whip up a simple one, white background, the 0 AD logo from your stickers above, the empires ascendent line, and the url somewhere, all within a rectangle (no "Free open source...." tagline needed). See this sticker Marcel made = http://oi41.tinypic.com/2qjc6l3.jpg Like that but with "Empires Ascendent" and the URL.
  4. Cool. Whip up something and post it in this thread. The deadline is the 9th (this Wednesday). After that, we need to choose which ones to go with and hand it on to the guy to source a local printery.
  5. Square or circle, and yes, about 600px wide, 600px high minimum for 300dpi when printed.
  6. Attn all artists, Someone has approached us about getting some stickers for an upcoming event he is attending and plans to advertise 0 A.D. at. We need some promotional material that can be printed into stickers, probably no wider/higher than 2 inchs sqaure (5cm square). We don't have to worry about getting the stickers printed, just the design. It should include something 0 A.D. related, and include "play0ad.com" on it somewhere if able. Have fun. Post all your resulting designs in this thread. Go!
  7. He hasn't asked for any amount yet, he was inquiring on IRC whether he could be reimbursed if he spent some money. True. I was mainly asking here because we need to fulfill the fundraiser perks, and could we just get a few dozen printed off early and send them to him. Though that might be a hassle. That makes sense. I'll email him to let him know that if he can come up with a design we're happy with and a supplier for stickers, and give us a quote before buying anything, then we'll consider the quote.
  8. A member on IRC, Marcel Ribeiro Dantas, that goes by the nickname of mribeirodantas, was invited to be a speaker at the 2013 Latinoware event which happens from October 16th-18th. There are already 3,892 people registered for the event, with an estimated 5,000 people expected to come. I think this might be a good opportunity to spread the work about 0 A.D. It won't be in time for the fundraiser obviously, but being an open source software and developer conference, it could draw some developer volunteers. With that in mind, Marcel would like to know if either of these are possible: * We can provide some promotional material for him by the event date (fliers, stickers, etc) OR * We can reimburse him for expenses incurred to source the promotional material himself Even if we can't do either of those, Marcel will be mentioning 0 A.D. to the people he speaks to. As soon as we reach a decision, I'll need to email him to let him know.
  9. Well, looking at the other thread where Omri asked, it looks like he is asking to be reimbursed for an amount he's already given the harpist. Anyway, yup, happy to give $29 to Omri to reimburse him.
  10. Have we actually had a contract written up (google doc maybe?) which has been reviewed properly? Anyway, it's a yes from me to disburse the funds once the contract is signed.
  11. Nicely put Erik. Three last thing: * As we did with Philip, money should be paid weekly, not a lump sum. * We should have a clear roadmap of changes Jorma will do over the next 2 months. Jorma would need to write this up, and could be the starting point of the regular development updates. * Jorma tends to write code with C++11 features. We haven't decided to make the switch yet, and having C++11 features in a conditional is asking for trouble, so for now, I would recommend we enforce only the most widely supported stuff be used, for now anyway, and if we decide to use c++11 in the future, we'll switch.
  12. -quickstart disables the sound engine. There was a bug for a short while that caused this to segfault, but has since been fixed. It's possible that zoots code was added after the bug was introduced, but before it was fixed.
  13. In your latest benchmark, does the 1.8.5 benchmark measure delete or the replaced delete code? It would be nice to see any optimizations for v24 applied to 1.8.5 as well...
  14. I think, given his recent activity, he'd be a good fit to replace Philip as the person to receive the funds. So that's a yes from me. However, as Aviv pointed out, we'd need him to do some things, such as post daily progress reports. His patches are quite big too, and each requires quite a bit of time to review and test, since they are pretty big architectural changes. So the work he gets done won't make it into the game instantly.
  15. Well done :-) Looks like an important step toward upgrading SpiderMonkey to get some great speed benefits.
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