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  1. Well, I guess I should try as hard as I can to tell you people who might be interested what happened "over there" First of all, sorry Mythos, didn't drive near you. When we were heading that direction there was a huge storm southeast so we turned north. Anyways, lets begin! This would probably be a quick (as possible) story of our trip. And how we viewed America! We arrived at Newark Airport. The border guy behind the desk was very very rude, so not a great start. However, when we got to the rentalcar office, the african-american behind the desk was just awesome. She was helpful, funny and sa
  2. First of all, communism is an ideology. Or however it's called in English Second of all, America has one of the worst healthcare systems as for now. As far as _I_ know. At least that is what we are told. Or hear from people, news and so on. The good thing about socialism is that the "lucky" take care of the "unlucky". Why should a child who's born in .. Brooklyn have less access to good healthcare when he or she gets sick, than a person born in a rich family? Is that fair? Is that what the American believes are good human values? I love America. But as a Scandinavian with the way we are used
  3. what the ... the ronald reagan thing ... how come scandinavia is communist? Is not, nor will we ever be communist. But yeah, the humour is awesome. Laughed!
  4. Thank A L O T for the info. No doubt I'm printing this out to go! Actually we have some friends in North Dakota so we're probably gonna visit them for a while :=) And yeah, the rentalcar was expensive. Since we were both under 24, we have to pay a lot more. I get it, but still it's kind a unfair. For instance, my friend who is drives for a living, like 7-8-9 hours a day, probably knows more about driving than many 24 year old people, if not 30 year old people... Loved the picture btw And had a good laugh reading! Love it! Thanks for a lot of help! I won't forget it! Love!
  5. Landing at Newark airport in New York (New Jersey?).. Going to ... Grand Forks. I think it's what it's called. And from there, we have no idea. Googlemaps said it should take about 24 hours to drive from Newark to Grand Forks, so after that it's pretty much ... whatever Hmm, ok. Illegal. Have a huge fear of ending up in jail somehow... Just seen what they look like in movies and all, and I know that's not reality, but still ... Thanks for the tips guys. If anyone else has a tip, feel free to share =)
  6. Wow, interesting development in this thread. First of all, I don't think any Europeans think the streets are made of gold? Second of all, yeah, we probably think a lot wierd things about all of no. No need to deny that. But my point was, some Americans believe insane things. And it seems sometimes that it is not only the non-educated, but smart people. And it interesting how things work. And YES, you haven't had the need to learn, but you do now :=) I guess. Our world is getting smaller and smaller ... Anyways, about the sports. That is something I really haven't figured out yet. How come EVE
  7. Hello fellow ... people Long time no see as usual ;\ anyway ... going with a friend to America soon, and was hoping to get some tips. We're going to sleep in the car we're renting most of it, some hotels i guess and some other places. But I've heard that sleeping in the car is not safe over there? Which I find wierd, since it's totally safe here ? .. Anyway, any other tips for the trip? only thing we've planned is to visit a Norwegian friend who's also going (she has no idea we're coming too) and that should only take a few days .. So we have like ... 2 weeks of nothing to do ... besides sho
  8. I guess I should say congratulations with joining the team also, so congratulations. ! To start up, if you want to make a difference (): When is the beta\alpha\the real deal done? Release date is the ultimate question. Will units be able to walk on walls? How much "hitpoints" will resources have? Like, in Empire Earth, a goldmine never (at least from my experience) hit 0. It has like 999999999 when you start, and no one gathers that much gold. Or, will it be like AoK where resources must be found all the time, because they run out? Or is it an option? hmm, it's all I can think about right now
  9. @Tilanus: I am pretty sure the pedophile thing was for fun :=) But children has nothing to do in a RTS _game_ imo, just makes a complicated game more complicated, and when it gets TOO complicated, most gamers loose interest.
  10. Whats up with all the pedophiles? Children does not have anything to do in a game imo, mostly because RTS games in most cases equals war. And war is no place for children. Also, for a RTS game that already struggles towards making most out of little (thinking about extra models and old computers here) these things are not useful and only take up space. And if you want children that bad (not trying to accuse you of anything ) you could always make a children-mod. However, THAT would be pedophile! So please don't.
  11. Hei! God dag! So, hey everyone! How are you? Just thought I'd make this topic to enlighten everyone! Liverpool and Stavanger (my home) are the two capitols of culture this year. It is an extremely big deal in this city, don't know about Liverpool. Anyway, anyone plan on going over here? My home was about 5 minutes from the city center. Got thrown out however, so I live at Sola, about 15 minutes from the city now ANYWAY, hehe, I guess what I'm trying to say is that this is a really big and expensive project over here, and that you guys should come and check everything out. As a vacation. That
  12. Could write a book to discuss this I guess, but I just want to say something about the popsize. Because that is something that is a BIG deal. When you play Age of Empires, doesn't it bother you that the cap size is so small? I realize, back then computers wouldn't handle more units on the screen (It all comes down to computer hardware right?). And that is great at start, but now. Couldn't computers handle a cap size at a thousand in i.e Age of Empires? Just using at as an example. My point: When the cap size in 0ad is to be set, you should consider that computer hardware evolve, so in a few ye
  13. Well, a lot of blue screen? No I dont think there are too much bluescreen, as far as I know bluescreen is used when one animate, or people "fly" or drive cars, when you need something computer made. And of course, backgrounds and cities are often bluescreen, but not much fighting and stuff like that, as I said earlier, the fighting scenes are not that impressive. It's just a good series because they manage to capture the Robin Hood ... thing ... you get that good Robin Hood feeling But I have to say that some things in the show REALLY annoys me, it's really bad. Examples are how Robin refuse
  14. No actually it's a series. 40 minutes, and about 13-14 episodes. The series (I'm not episode 4 or 5) is following the known line of the Robin Hood story, with some twists. However, they have added some funny elements, that I dont know if I like or not.. But it is an OK series, the fighting scenes are not very good, but the atmosphere is pretty great actually. All in all its just OK imo, but worth watching. And has some really nice landscape scenes!
  15. Just uhm, downloaded (if that is allowed to say, cause it is not legal to download shows) a series called Robin Hood. Anyone seen it or have any comments? I just really hope it's any good. And while I'm at it, is there any fantasy \ middleages \ "lord of the rings" look-a-like series out there? Please don't bring up Xena or something weird like that, i mean a serious and good series! PEACE
  16. Way back, 3-4-5 years ago i was looking for a Lord of the Rings mod to some game, probably AoK or something, and found TLA. Saw 0ad and got interested! Been here from times to times ever since. Used to be more active though... cool thread btw ,)
  17. Hei hei Anders. Som du sikkert kan se i den andre posten litt over er det nok ganske lenge til spillet er ferdig dessverre. Og slik det ser ut på det her core forumet (hvor det er en annen thread om spm) så blir det IHVERTFALL 1 år til man har noe som helst å komme med. En alpha eller beta versjon. Koselig med Norsk right? Peace and love ;>
  18. There will be diplomacy right? Breaking and making alliances is part of every RTS, even though its not used that often. And it happens that people play 4v4 and so on, with much drama and alliances, backstabbing and so on ... Its a part of the game. If you can't handle it, don't play it =p hehe Anyway, don't make it complicated, but if anyone here has played Lord of the Realms 2 (yeah, there is a 3rd, but its RTS not turn-based, so I really didnt like it and dont know how the diplomacy works there), there you can send gifts to please your opponent, send letters of insult or compliment him, an
  19. Edit: Sorry for long post, its just that English isn't my strongest language, so I use a lot of extra space to explain! Well, the way I see it, and consider I have NO experience or skills in programming, but how I can think it could be done is this: First of all, units having more health. - I have always wanted a game with huge armies where people die after being hit by 1 (one) arrow, seeing a lot of deaths and more realistic battles. However, the armies had to be huge to make battles last more than 10 seconds. But in this game, I think if long battles are an objective, (and remember I would
  20. In my opinion boarding makes playability less easy. Also, the ship turn thing makes things a lot harder. You have to keep in mind that while it sure would be cool if the ships where all you had to control, and RTS game is really complicated, because of all the tasks the player are facing. You have to make sure you have enough food, wood etc. Also, you probably have more than one army, at least I often do more than one battle at the time, and then it's everything else that you have to think, consider and do when you play a complicated RTS. Just hope 0ad is more of a battle game than a recours
  21. Haha, felt stupid. Didnt see it under your avatar there, I do now however
  22. That could actually been interesting for me, considering that I am a history student at the University. But I guess I was too slow, and even though I probably could have used it a lot, we have great books =p But awesome that you guys do stuff like this, and awesome that THEY does something like this. That is just plain ... great Good job Michael
  23. Already? We wait untill 13th of january if I am right. But you are an American right?
  24. Hello all. Once again I drop by! Good to see some activity on the boards here! Anyway, I was just thinking about Christmas, and the fact that it is over. And then I was thinking (I think alot.. ) about how traditions change from country to country and from family to family. Or does it? Anyway, in my family we always wake up late, go to God's place, the church. After that, we come home where mom is nearly done with the turkey (we always eat that), then we eat, open presents (yeah, in Norway we open presents at Christmas eve, after eating) and then we sit and have a good family time, which in
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