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  1. How do you gauge success for something that is freeware?
  2. The two empires both had really different units and tactics. The east used Cataphracts and a lot of horse arches recruited from the eastern provinces. They were learning the future of cavalry warfare much faster than the West. The West were fielding a lot of 'barbarian' troops that didn't fight like Imperial Romans. There were a bunch of other differences, but those alone would make two Imperial Roman factions fighting each other not an accurate depiction. You'd have to mod in some Persian units into the East faction, along with some spear units to represent the rise of the spearman in respons
  3. Hmm. Seems like Roman Vs Roman conflict won't be covered too much if it skips ahead from a single unified Rome to a Byzantine Empire setup. I say this because you could probably have the pagan Rome in its prime Vs the Byzantine Empire, but that wouldn't be very realistic. The Western Empire was not all that similar to the unified and iconic Rome I think will be aimed for, and the Byzantine Empire was alien compared to the grandeur of the Eastern Empire at its height. Still, with a pagan Rome and a Byzantine Empire someone could probably mod quite accurate EastvWest factions without adding any
  4. I alittle early to ask, but in Part 2, is Rome planned as two seperate Civ's? East and West were so different that it is hard to imagine them represented as one united faction.
  5. Hi, I am one of the many people who lurk more than post, but I have a question. I watched the video for download in the media section of the 0AD site and I noticed that the battle at the latter half of it lasts much longer than most fights in these type of RTS games. Were the units just given invincibility for the sake of people being allowed to get a good look at them in action, or will the fights be longer than usual in general? Compared to say, Warcraft of AOE, where there are many little skirmishes which last less than 5 seconds, and then one big attack that barrels over the enemy and then
  6. Ahh! Well, the Winter 2007 thing was a bit miss-leading, but I am glad I saw it.
  7. Oh! I think I see it! Are you referring to the new video in the media section? Downloading now. I wonder how soon I caught it after it was posted... It is 2 AM on Christmas day here... Thank god for fans?
  8. Multiple screenshots? A short video? Surely nothing playable. Oh, and Happy Winter Solstice. Goodbye Halcyon Days.
  9. Wow. I CANNOT wait for this game to come out. I'd pay money for it, easily. (Don't get no ideas!) Looks great. A+ work guy.
  10. I love the buildings and the scenery. The units are nice. The ones that stand out to me are the Persian javelin throwers, and the Greek units.
  11. I'd really like to know how/where, you get your historical references. The historians, the researchers. I'm interested in things of that nature. Forgive me if you already did a developer article on that.
  12. Thanks, eagerly awaiting the game. You could probably get someone to pay for it. It reminds me of mount&blade, in that its under the radar, independant, and (most probably) will be incredibly fun. An innovative, historical game.
  13. Fan of his art, and just wondering where I can browse all his works, not just the few in the concept art gallery.
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