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  1. Well I actually searched for a middle earth mod for empire earth, or was it empires? Dont really remember, i was searching for a mod, and someone recommended that i'd pay a visit to TLA. So i did, found its forum, and registered. And added the forums to favourites ... I cant really recall.... have you guys changed forums a couple of times? It has not always been like this have it ?
  2. Just 1 week ago.... HAPPY EASTER ALL!! Anyone did anything special? like... travel ?
  3. Can answer really fast I dont. I never organise them. I just ask classmates about homework (never really do them anyway), i know when its CS practice, and soccer practice, and i dont really do much more than that. But use a diary, i did that a couple of years ago, not to write "oh, she looked at me again, with that strange look, oh, i think i love her", but to write tasks and all that, what you are suppose to have done by that day =>
  4. No, or. .. well, nothing BIG. Was planning a trip to spain, but i guess it didnt work out =\ But i am going to Stavanger, a town west in Norway. It has a reputation for having beautiful girls And im back to stay =P I'll start some threads some day... just have to get the feeling... i kind of dropped out of all the forums i hung on a while ago ... when i started playing CS more seriously, but it has calmed down a lot. Anyway, hows it going for you Paul? How is the game coming along? I have checked the 0ad site regularly, but not the forums much =\ Anyone seen curufinwe? havent talked to him in _ages_ !
  5. Hello all What is going on at WFG these days? :> Just gonna tell everyone who cares (probably not that many..) a little about whats going on with me atm... I am playing in Diversity, a Counter Strike clan, changed name from "WarLord", because it was kinda old .. . Actually attending a LAN this weekend, gonna win some money, like $3000 or something, and playing with local friends. I had English term thing today, went totally bad ;\\\\ Anyway, ill try to be more active on the forums from now on ... been away from quite a while... Really miss all the people (not like MISS miss, but in a internet miss kind of way... ) But whats up here? Is there anyone from the "old days?" left? :> Talk to me And sorry for making this thread, im sure you get like 5 of these a day, but i did it anyway. <3
  6. No, its not intended. It was a smilie, but somehow it has been removed ... i guess it was not legal to use it? Have to fix that sometime ;-D Mythos: Hos is your other game going? The ... morp or what it was? forgot something, i really look forward to beating Curufinwe, who i have not talked too in ages ;(
  7. It will be suprisingly modable though, so i dont think you really need the source code to "make a game" with their engine :--)
  8. Hey Argalius Im fine, been away from RTS games for a while, but found out it was time to check out WFG again. And now im really looking forward to the betas. Though there arent really much activity anymore here, was much more active :-) But that can change hehe, anyway, i also look forward to competing against all of you guys And to check out the modding parts of the game :--d
  9. I dont want the answer "the whole package". I want specific things!! Ill start then: I am really looking forward to the great grapics, the editors, the extreme posibilities for modding and tweaking, and of course, what i look "the most" (hmm, should that be "more", i dont really remember that. In Norwegian it should be the most, but i remember something about writing more instead ) fun about 0ad is to CRUSH Cheezy and Timmi in a 2on1 match vs me muhahah So, what do you look forward too?
  10. Well that makes a thread intresting I know celebritys are just people, but their known and some of them has incredible skills, and thats what the thread is about, who / what would you be? President is allowed, his a well known person, and it would be kind of cool to be him for one day =) Remember its only one day
  11. Who would you be? I think i would be fRoD who is a great American Counter Strike player, who's playing for Team coL (www.complexityclan.com). Why? Because the game and its community means a lot for me and it would be cool to have a lot of fans writing nice stuff to me. And to play versus some opponents in my neighboorhood =) Or maybe i would be a professional soccer player? Anyway, who would you be for 1 day and why? <3
  12. Looks simply amazing. I can promise you one thing; I will play that game a LOT when its ready !!
  13. Happy b day Canada, guess that was kind of late but better late than never =) Its 1st July? Have to memorize that
  14. Hahah, funny The page had changed, just press the <- button 1 or 2 times and you'll find it =)
  15. Thanks a lot EKen132, you've really helped me. =) I guess its true that you cant go around saying that movies reflects upon the trouth about a country, but i live in Norway, you have to understand, its the only thing i have as an impression of the USA. Movies, TVshows and some American news channels =) And i guess that of course, it's all over the world. I think most countries would sacrifise a lot just to seem good to the other countries. In Norway our "president", or head of state if you want, couldnt really decide whether Norway should be a part of the Iraq war, because he didnt want to seem like a "rebel" upon Germany and France, at the same time he did not want to destroy our great relationship with the USA, so he kept sending mixed signals in speeches and so on ... @Blorx2: You have to understand that we are just descussing some topics, nothing personal at all in anything said in this thread. Still, the only country that really seems to want to world to think its a great, perfect, Christian country is the USA. No offence but as i have said in my former posts here, it really seems like you Americans wants us to think that you are great Christians, yet in your media and stuff like that it seems like you have low respect for stuff like that. If anyone in Noway had said "God" og "Jesus" it would have been pretty bad, at least if you are with the right kind of guys. Like you say Erik (eken), the community your in plays a big role. In my community God and Jesus and "Oh my God" is some pretty bad words, at least i never say them. Still, im 17 and at least for a couple of years ago, i often said words like "p*ssy, d*ck" and all that, but who didnt? I concider cursing as a call for the devil or using Gods / Jesus's name the wrong way. And its really true also what you say Erik, theres a lot of those "Christians" in Norway also, that only does what they think or want to be right. Its like some of my friends claim to be Christians, but they curse, get drunk all the time, has no respect at all for sex and all that, does really whatever they want, and say often to me (they are really nice people, but i beilieve they have misunderstood their Reiligion) that "The bible says nothing about One Night Stands", and even though i say it DOES, doesnt help. It seems like they want the religion as a "security" in case it really is true, they come to heaven ... Anyway, want to thank everyone, especially Erik aka EKen132 for really nice reply's that have helped me a lot in my difficulties on understanding some reiligion related subjects =)
  16. Haha, funny story. Poor guy if you had jumped on him, think about the lawsuit you could have gotten ? anyway, its a good think that you are alert, though my parents always say; "Dont try to be a hero"
  17. Its about 30C here in norway today, and that is extremely hot =) You wondering why i am sitting on my computer instead of being outside? I understand, well, its easy: For a couple of days ago i went out in the extremely hot sun, and get burned A LOT. Now i cant sleep at night because i have to lay on my back in the same position as always, and cant really move. Its killing me. So thats why =) <3
  18. I guess thats true. But yesterday i saw Friends again, and man do they curse. He*l me there and h*ll me here =P Anyway, i dont say that you claim to be Christians, but its really what we get the impression of around here. I.E: On the Terrorist attack on World Trade centre, i saw TONS of interviews, and like 99% of them, they said like: "god help us", "im gonna pray tonight" and it was all about God. I am a Christian, so i thought this was cool, but my friends always say "The Americans are so fake" ... And i see their point, still, i dont get why you have to use bad words in movies, and i know most movies doesnt use F word and all that, but they use "h*ll" and "Holy Chri*t", and thats cursing right? Thanks again for all reply's
  19. Gotta download some Dutch movien then (a joke) Yes thanks a lot Eken, it helped a lot =) The wierd is that in Norway (at least where i live and my friends) people talk a lot about how twisted the Americans are. They claim to be Christians but in movies and series they curse like its everything they've done all life. And i think a lot of us think so, like the America Pie movies, Eurotrip, Action movies like Mr. Smith (comedy / action) and The Punisher (been the last 2 action movies I've seen). I dont know really about p*ssy and "regular" cursing like h*ll, but what does f*ck really means? I was sure that meant having sex right? Why is it used to much... we dont have a similiar words in Norway, its really wierd Anyway, thanks for all answers, this really helps me alot =)
  20. Hey. I want to make this thread as short as possible so i might be very direct =( Anyway, we all see on TV all the big afro-americans singing on Churches and like every American is a good Christian, and i try to be that too, so i have always wanted to move to America, where they have cheap fastfood and most of the kids seems Christians =) Though in movies there are ALWAYS cursing, and really, really bad words. I know what Moth`er @#$%`er means, but is it really cursing? Like He`ll and Go`d ... @#$%`er and all that is just like when i say "puss`y" right? When i use grose words and words like di`ck and and all that, thats not cursing is it? And is cursing like this so accepted in American movies? In Norwegian movies its a big deal when you curse, but it doesnt seem like it bother americans? Fill me in please =)
  21. Happy "bday" all Americans, have a nice one =)
  22. Haha, i just cant focus when i see that avatar of yours, its just so ... funny wierd =P Anyway, ill check out the storewars soon, have to go now though =) <3
  23. Nice =) Start playing Counter Strike, i promise your life will change if you do =P
  24. I guess i just sit on the computer and chat on IRC, or post silly threads like this on forums =) What about you guys? =) <3
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