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  1. The forum seems dead to me . I had a query as to How can i contribute to the development of 0 ad as a programmer? What are the qualifications required etc.... I have experience with C++ and currently i write WPF/WCF applications for a living .
  2. Hi everyone Im working as a software engineer creating financial desktop applications. Busy with work a lot, but hopefully i can contribute to 0ad's development. I did my graduation in the field of Information Technology. In the future, hopefully ill have more time on my hands ! As for the other things i can even think/plan about them now (maybe a bit too soon to think lol)
  3. Hello im new to the forums, just noticed this game and all the nice work uve been doing, keep it up guys ! Sorry to divert the discussion but I think we're forgetting an important thing i.e. the emergence(already here actually ) of Online Games. Games like WOW, Knight Online, ATITD and some small games are doing pretty well, as they are free to download and try out with the option of paying up for further online play. Increasingly(from what im observing) games are focusing on the online multiplayer aspect and maybe this will kill gaming piracy(as we know it lol)? Some games require you to give your CC and Other details for registering to make you liable for your actions, being pretty sophisticated and this is a positive development for both developers and budget gamers. So maybe games in the near future will be free for single play and pay for multiplayer. Just a thought.....
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