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  1. Is it still the "date"? Around Christmas 2004? I am so waiting for the alpha/beta .. Or has this changed?
  2. And i thought it was awsome, what do you guys think? You can see some comments here
  3. I dont think these are very good ideas. its maybe just me, the only BIG thing here is the skin change Arent there any other things?
  4. You ... you .... FREAKIN CHEATER heheh, nice Andy, i am looking forward to get them from you in some game sometime
  5. What now ? I cant use them ALL on bets? And since i will totally RULE in 0ad, i wont loose, just win currency ... Are anything settled about what to use it on ?
  6. ANOTHER from Holland? man ... just kidding, welcome, dear Holland guy One thing ... since you are 16, your dont with the "main" school, and can now choose what school you want next year right? Were will you go ?
  7. So, do you? And where are you? Well, im ALWAYS on IRC when im on internet, and im on my clans chan plus some others (YOu can all idle here #wlclan.net ) heheeh. anyway, what about yourself?
  8. Really? Why ? Anyway, i like both, when talking to friends in the neighboorhood i like phone, but long distance (as this topic is) i like IM so it was that one
  9. Kul, jag kan prova å snakka Dansk? jag også (Det var svensk det kanskje) ? hhehe, Norsk kommer jo fra Dansk så Welcome btw Fenris, i even think i remember you
  10. Thats what i thought too CheeZy, ARE there any other studios like yours? That actually give the games for free? Are there? I know some ... but thats not "studios", its maximum 5 people
  11. I would say THE most talented hobbyist game development studios! ;D Wouldnt you?
  12. Hmm, please add me to MSN, and ill try fixing it. I know that the Invisionfree polls are something wrong with. Or not all of them, but when you enable the "choose more than one vote" thingm like yo can vote on more than one alternative, it wont work. Just gets a white screen. Maybe its that, ill check the forum out
  13. Im going 3 years of *almenn*, in Enlish that would be like the 3 last years of normal school. Its just Normal school actually, just harder, and more economics and administration subjects
  14. "4 User(s) are reading this topic (0 Guests and 0 Anonymous Users) 4 Members: ZeZar, Fire Giant, Vaevictis_Music, olsner" cool 4 users .. Anyway, im looking forward too this one .... King Arthur comes to Norwegian cinemas tomorrow, i just HAVE to see it I like war movies
  15. heheh, i have my own clan to handle, plus the mod. But i am sure i can help up with some things if you need it, if you are using Invisionfree forum, i can help out some, i have some experience from that If it is IPB, Timmie can help you out much more than me About helping out with the clan,i dont know, because i have my own clan, sa i said But helping out with a 0ad fansite ... would be cool I know that OG-Network hosted a 0ad fas site a while ago, but it was canselled, because the guy who runned it had to go
  16. Well, i have never, i think, posted at AoK heaven. Though i posted some at Empires Heaven, but thats it. I heard of this community when i was searching for free games I THINK. Its a long way back, i dont really remember But i think people should be better to tell other people the know about WFG, you can say that they have ~500 members or something, but for a freeware (2) games that is pretty small. I would think that they would have much more at this time. Though it will come closer to the release i think NO ONE met me ANYWHERE else than here?
  17. Hmm, i think ETH had this one a month or something ago, and i found it quite cool Anyway, i was wondering where you first "met" me ... ?
  18. Well, you know, i could never get a girl that I dont find hot. Though she have to be "ok" smart, not like a dumb person, or someone that treats others bad. My dream guy, if i ever will be gay, has a lot of mucles, is short and has short hair :)
  19. Well, im not sure ... Why? There are not much activity here atm ... so i would wait
  20. And im sure you will Congrats Sunny, hope you like the job
  21. Neat idea. Loved that, You know ... i played a lot of Empires online .... but when they first patched it, i lost my rank, no big deal because everyone did. Then my clan (Way my desition too ) had a new clantag, because we all had sort of different tags, and i asked how to change in the Empires community A: "Well, just delete the Empires account you have at gamespy". So i did. And yeh, it worked, BUT I HAD NO RANKING, so i had like 1000 when all my friends and people on the internet had 1300-1600 Its not that its a big deal, but there are games that says "Minimum 1400" and so on ... And it take sometime to make it 1400. So for that reason, i stopped playing Empires online a lot ... just sometimes and i am not very good anymore hhehee, not that i was very good, but im worse than i was now So, letting us change names, without deleting the ranks and so on, it great I hope you can decide much about MP things .... you look like you know what players and clans want Zeustor
  22. Hmm, didnt work yesterday, had to log in three times, but today IT WORK AGAIN :) Thanks Klaas (Not klass)
  23. Nice site, no doubt You maybe get a good enough clan to challenge (WarLord), maybe But nice site, and about the name, i would try to find something myself, you know, the clanname is important. If the clan was named "I HATE 0ad", you would probably not be very respected Just remember everyone, (WarLord) is taken and has been for a looong time But one thing that crossed my mind, a 0ad clan ALLREADY? I know my clan will have a 0ad team, but i havent started thinking about that yet How can you get players to a game that there is 2 screens released for? Well, good luck finding members, i have a hard time telling people which game im modding, i think you got a harder job getting member Great site, you said you werent good? Man ... what am i then ? ....
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