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  1. Welcome, I sense that you are a friend of the Republic?
  2. I just finished Star Wars Republic Commando Hard Contact (Awsome Book BTW). And i'm now reading "The Red Keep"
  3. How do you know he was harmless? He could've been a spy, planted a bomb, anything!
  4. Cool pic! But doesn't this belong in gaming disscusion?
  5. Well I have: Final Duel 2 (x2) Final Duel 1 (x1) Clone Scout Walker (x1) Tie Fighter (x1) Jedi Defence 1 (x1) Jedi Defence 2 (x1) Speederbikes (x1) Naboo Swamp (x6) *brand new and sealed* Thats all, I think.... i'm trying to build my collection. I thought this might be a neat little topic. Tell me what Star Wars sets you have. TheCobra1
  6. Ummm, I think thats the city on tatooine where this podrace takes place in episode 1.
  7. I'm not sure if this topic belongs here but I couldn't really find a place to put it. but....I'm looking to buy a lego star wars Mos Espa Podrace (7171) over the internet. I was wondering if any of you could supply me with the back picture to this set. Thanks! TheCobra1
  8. Ummm, who is Jillian? $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you realise I could buy the whole Lego Star Wars Episode III Collection????
  9. Yep, the evil hobo spider, we get those through our drain in out bathtub.
  10. I think you can buy a 6 pack for about 6 to 7 Dollars here.
  11. You can get a bottle of Coca Cola here for $1.00 in the vending machins.
  12. My oh my! So you guys weren't working on 0 A.D!!?? Just joking, nice job guys!!!
  13. Thanks! Petrol??? We call it gas here. :biggrin:
  14. Okay... Lets say a lego set costs $5.00 here how much would it cost in Paris?
  15. Hmmm, well Dnas, Curu, Row, and soggy frog, can't think of any others right now. (it's early in the morening for me)
  16. Hehe thanks vaevictis_Music, I actually believed those people we call programers.
  17. Great Job guys!!! Thanks for the help Damian Kastbauer! Looking great!
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