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  1. Ummmm, oh, I know this one....... okay, what?
  2. But come on man, Erik is himself American!!!! Couldn't I criticize the French being myself French? Had I written that, I agree you could have argued, but you can't blame him for saying so! Dude, tell me what post that is.
  3. Dude! Cronk, if it weren't for America you wouldn't be french today.
  4. Working some where........ can't remember where!!?? <_< 1) Machining.
  5. We are the police, guarding the forums. "To Serve and Protect." I have gotten a few of the emails that you sent Zezar with the report buton, and it is helpful to know that others are watching too and then we can address the problem faster. Wrong! I'm the police!
  6. Why do they get an account and don't post very much?
  7. Yeah, I didn't pick the best title, can you edite titles? No, I don't post on every topic. But I do like to jack up my posts.
  8. Oh. Who has been here for 2-3 years?
  9. Thats all black op? How did you do all those posts?
  10. Yeah, yeah.... well maybe you're right.
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