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  1. Probably at a pool 15 mns away from our town. I swam 50 Meters in 48 secs though.
  2. I just learned about this game around the end of last year beginning of this one.
  3. In 4x4 EVO 2 I hit a fence and it went uphill and never stopped.
  4. Ok, it's like 2.54 MB. Who has a web site I can put this on?
  5. If Sammy sam dies then brian will get another one and name it after me! Cobey Cobra. I like it!
  6. Arrrggg! says cannot upload this type of file.
  7. I Laghed my head off the first time I saw this.
  8. Cool, I'm not living in UK, but looks like something you'd do.
  9. Hi Ruth! @Tut: Yeah, mice, rats, ferrits, hedgehogs, otters ect..... @DarkAngle: Acually I think she got it from star wars (java the hutt)
  10. Calvine is sooo smart for being 6 years old.
  11. Last night a french girl won the 400 IMs. My Mom was sooooo happy.
  12. And he didn't even count all the actors that weren't rich.
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