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  1. I don't know what we would do without those twine brother on the gym.
  2. Acually you can close your window just DON'T LOG OF!!!!!
  3. Clodhopper and I are going on a father son canoe trip (20-22 of this month) and my Dad signed us up to make up an activity for saturday night. We can't come up with anything so i thought i'd ask you guys. Well?
  4. Well, my brother called himself Kobra but I wanted to be different.... and called myself Cobra Then TheCobra and after that The_Cobra_1 but that was not "cool" so I just did "TheCobra1".
  5. I can't tell if that is a wig He/she is wearing..... sure looks like it.
  6. Well, you could have an Anonymous option but that would defeat the purpose.
  7. *Looks at that awsome name* Hi, there! I've always liked that name .
  8. I think there should be a link attached to each poll to see who voted for what.
  9. *little does cheezy know that his so called "cat" is plotting behind his back.*
  10. Great! I think thats the only problem we have so far.
  11. Okay, i'll help. I'm not avalible every day. Talk to you soon.
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