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  1. I'm looking forward to the Romans and Greeks!!!! And doing some maps so I can be on the credits.
  2. Awsome!!! Though since I didn't check, what was the date when we reached it?
  3. I'll agree with Paul, 9 more days will probably hit the mark.
  4. Sorry for the double post guys, my computers a bit slow right now.
  5. Well I think a dragon is a must. A big Red one! *dreams*
  6. Aha! Just figured out from my mom that her grandmother was TOTALLY Italian! So i'm mostly roman! (hey I could be the desendent of Julius Caesure!
  7. Hmmm, not bad.... I would be cool to have a farm to raise horses if you don't want to buy them. AOE 2 Expansion had horses but they didn't have any use for them.
  8. When you first star out when villagers chop down tree's it's totally random where they fall (even on the villagers themselves!) until you reserch something. that's my idea.
  9. Cool! I'm not sure which nation/s i'm from.... i'll have to ask my parents.
  10. Hmmm, theres this site www.powerstrokeforum.com they have an arcade room on their forums!!!!!! You can play games!!! And theirs a chat on there like instant messenger. I think both of these would be cool!
  11. Just finished The Long Patrol by Brian Jacques Pronounced "Jakes" and am reading Merial of Redwall by Brian Jacques.
  12. Hmmm, I don't see american on the list...
  13. Maybe we should have a poll to see who gets the most votes and have that person make up all the cheats!
  14. I really thing there should be like a master chief with a rocket launcher, grenades, and a shotgun. That would be AWSOME!!!!!
  15. That's true... but who would put a rule to wast water???? *do I really need to ask..... sigh*
  16. Hi all! I was just wondering what happened to MOTM. It's the day right before the end of the month (July 30) and there's no member of the month. Is it just temporarily gone?
  17. Welcome! I like your homepage, sweet intro movie.
  18. Is there something wrong with your camera? Why are all your pictures like that? (not really any color)
  19. Dude that about $700 dollars worth of stuff! I hope you didn't sell it for like below $300!
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