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  1. Hey Mista_Maggoo! I think it actually would be a good idea to have a myspace. But instead of an account for 0 A.D, I think it should be just WildFireGames.
  2. Someone has got way too much time and money on their hands.
  3. It was in interesting Christmas indeed! I got tons of presents, like a ... jar of jam (which I don't even think it's mine. ). But the day was fun. Watched Kingdom of Heaven, played Generals, and ate lots of cookies.
  4. Oh awesome! More excuses to stuff my face full of food! Io Saturnalia! Oh... it's the 17th. -Joe
  5. Bitte schön! Oh, I thought for sure they would put you in A.I.
  6. ワオ! あなたは開発中です! おめでとうございます、レベッカ! Wait... are you an A.I Scripter?
  7. Hey, patience is a perseverance. Seriously, if you don't get anything within let's say... 48 hours. Email this guy: JasonABishop@hotmail.com.
  8. The release date will be 3 years from the time when Øyvind is 97. I believe it's summer 08.
  9. Totally depends, I believe they have to talk with some of the other leaders to confirm. But... if you know the right people you could be in within 24 hours of you sending in your application. ありがとうございます! 私はいつかを思い出すことができません。 しばらくでした。
  10. いいぞ。 どれくらい長い間、あなたは日本語を勉強していますか? Still having difficulty... been awhile.
  11. いいえ。 Japanese? No way! What are the odds? 日本語「よく」話せません。 Can you understand that?
  12. Да. Да. Я менеджер по экспорту. Вот моя визитка. Wow, that's awsome Naurwen, I didn't know you spoke Russian.
  13. Hey Arissa! I'm sure Matei here will be able to slap you up to work with AI or something like that. Anyway, Я не говорю по-русски, но мы сможем общаться через переводчика.
  14. Umm, Tathar... why on earth dids't thou makest this thread?
  15. Welcome to the forums Lachlan! Hope you enjoy your stay. And I love the Spartans too.
  16. Oh yes indeed. Just imagine the punch-bag is Brad Pitt. NOTE: I look different in this pic because I put my top-secret-crazy-disguise on.
  17. Hahaha! I best all of you: Anyway, nice suit Paul. (that's what you were referring to on your IM...)
  18. Hmmm, afterward I usually get really irritated at that person. And I always say no.
  19. Yeah, I remember when I graduated from High School... Well, okay, maybe I don't. Congrats Josh!
  20. This totally sounds familier. And, I believe I would classify this topic as spam.
  21. Welcome Yamato Take! Hey, I love your avatar. And is that a latin saying in your sig? I have a list full of latin sayings I just shoot back at my family member. ... But yeah, It looks like an offshoot of " Anything we haven't seen before is glorious." Anyway, welcome.
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